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Muslim Extremism in Mosques – Part 4

indoctrinationToday we are going to continue with the subject of Muslim extremism being taught in mosques. Dispatches, a TV show in England similar to our 60 Minutes, did an investigative report on the teaching of Islamic extremism in the largest mosque in London. It showed that what is called “radical Islam” was not only being taught in the preaching in the mosque, it was also taught in the material sold in their book store.

When the leaders of the mosque were confronted with the results of the report, they said that this was not the position of the mosque and that they would remove this kind of teaching. A year later the reporter went back in to the mosque and did another study. She found that nothing had changed. The same things were being taught and the same materials were being sold.

We can be sure that if this kind of thing is being taught in the mosques in England, they are also being taught in the mosques in America.

I have included the video compiled by the reporter here again so you can see what is being taught.

Something that should be of great concern to us in the West is that this is coming from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is supposed to be our friend. They have spend billions of dollars to fund mosques in Western nations, including America.

The report shows that schools that are funded by Saudi Arabia are teaching the same “radical Islam” as the mosques. In one textbook used in the schools quotes a verse from the Qur’an which says:

Those whom god (Allah) has cursed will be turned into monkeys and pigs.

A footnote says:

It is said that the monkeys are the Jews, the pigs are the infidels at the table of Jesus, the Christians.

Another part of the book asks the children to describe the repugnant characteristics of the Jews. These textbooks will poison they minds of the children.

The school that us using this material is a school in London where 500 Muslim children are being “educated.” More correctly, they are being indoctrinated.

The brand of Islam taught by the mosques and schools financed by Saudi Arabia teach that Muslims cannot assimilate with the culture of the West. This is contrary to the goals of British policy.

A third  part of this study deals with the Islamic charities and prayer rooms. These places claim to give out literature promoting coexistence and moderation between cultures. The reporter found that what they gave out were English translations of the Qur’an and other books which came from the charity’s headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

The reporter was able to get some of the books, which were kept locked up in the basement. Some of the books condemned terrorism and some promoted a more moderate version of Islam. Others, however, taught the same “radical Islam” that was being taught in the mosques. These books teach the principles of Sharia Law and that Muslims must continue jihad until all countries are controlled by Islam. They teach that those countries who stand against Islam must be fought. Here is an example of what is being taught.

The last day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.

These charities were set up by the Saudi government to spread the Saudi version of Islam. Remember, the Saudis are supposed to be our friends. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

We will continue this subject tomorrow.

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