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Muslim Extremism in Mosques – Part 5

indoctrinationThis week we have been looking at an investigative report done by Dispatches, a TV program similar to our 60 Minutes, exposing what is being taught in mosques. We have found that Saudi Arabia is pouring billions of dollars into Western countries, including America, to propagate the teachings of Islam.

The ideology being taught in the mosques and other types of Islamic centers is the true face of Islam. The “moderate” Muslims are claiming that this is not true Islam. They claim that this is extremism and they they are the true face of Islam. If you have followed Fortress of Faith for any length of time you know that this is not so. We would like to believe that the “moderates” really do represent what Islam is all about but history proves that Islam is a totalitarian, oppressive ideology bent on taking over the world by force.

Here is the video again so you can see for yourself what is being taught. You can fast forward to pick up where we left off yesterday.

In this video we see that a translation of the Qur’an that is approved by the Islamic leaders in Saudi Arabia is being distributed by the organizations set up by Saudi Arabia. The footnotes on the peaceful verses say the these verses have been abrogated, or superseded, by later verses. This comes from Sura 2:106 in the Qur’an:

Whatever verse we abrogate, or cause it to be forgotten, we bring a better verse than it or like it. Do you not know that Allah has might over all things?

The Saudis are correct in these footnotes. Abrogation is a basic teaching of Islam. It is how they handle contradictions in the Qur’an. Those  portions which were given later supersede any portions give earlier if there is a contradiction.

Are we to really believe that the Saudi government promotes tolerance and mutual understanding as claimed by the government officials in this video? Are we to believe that the Saudi government works to stamp out extremists? Wahhabism, which was born in Saudi Arabia and is still taught in the schools there, is one of the most fundamental strains of Islam. It follows the teachings of Muhammad to the letter. If they are truly trying to stamp out “extremism” they should start by stamping out Wahhabism in their own country.

Mutual understanding? How many Christian churches do they have in Saudi Arabia? NONE! How dumb do they think we are?

As we can see from this video that, despite all of the claims to the contrary, the mosques financed by the Saudi Arabians do promote what we commonly call “radical Islam.” One of the reasons that we are losing the war on terror is that too many refuse to admit that what we are seeing is the true face of Islam. Islam has always, and will always, use the sword and terror to advance its goal of world domination.

Islam makes no effort to hide their true goals except when they are exposed by the Media. The founder of CAIR said:

Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on the earth.

CAIR’s current leader has publicly said:

Who better to lead America than Muslims.

In spite of statements like this Muslims keep saying we have nothing to fear from them. They seem to think we are stupid. Sadly, it seems like they may be right. We had better wake up before it is too late.

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Updated: January 16, 2015 — 7:51 AM
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