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Is Obama A Member of the Muslim Brotherhood – Part 4

obama-with-muslimsOn today’s broadcast we had a special guest, John Guandolo, who is a former FBI counter-terrorism trainer. He developed the first counter-terrorism course for the FBI. His specialty is the Muslim Brotherhood. The notes that follow are based upon the interview with him.

Last week we talked about an Egyptian newspaper article claiming that President Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. We pointed out that $8,000,000,000 was given to the Muslim Brotherhood, not to the Egyptian government. The source for the article was none other than Khairat el-Shater, the former number two leader in the Muslim Brotherhood.

The money was supposed to guarantee that the Sinai Peninsula be given to Hamas, a MB terrorist wing. This is important because the Sinai Peninsula is a massive amount of land and is key to keeping the Camp David Peace Accord. If this land fell into the hands of Hamas they could use it as a staging area for attacks against Israel.

Why hasn’t this allegation been checked out here in America? The fact that this was not in the headlines across America shows the bias of the media.

The article claims that the Obama Administration tried to make a deal with the new Egyptian government to protect the Muslim Brotherhood and they said no. The Egyptian government said that they were more concerned about the threat that the MB is to their nation than the approval of the US government. This is the kind of leaders we need in America.

The motto of the MB speaks for itself:

Allah is our objective, the Qur’an is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, and jihad is our way, and death for the sake of Allah is our noblest desire.

Do we need anything else to tell us who the MB really is?

Although we don’t have all of the evidence, and what we do have is mostly circumstantial, we should take these stories seriously. This is a serious accusation and should be investigated thoroughly to see if it is true or false.

If you look at all of the policies of this President like the abuse of power seen in the IRS scandal, the support of the rebels in Syria (who are agents of the MB), the shrinking of our military forces, the depletion of our nuclear capability, the national debt of over eighteen trillion dollars, the changing of the training of our national security forces to eliminate any reference to the MB, or even Islamic terrorism, putting MB people in advisory roles in his administration, I could go on and on, we come to some conclusions. First of all I would say he is the worst president we have ever had. Secondly he has violated our laws in some of the things he has done.

What does it mean if Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Under our law the MB is not an illegal organization. However, anyone who knows the truth about the MB knows that it is a global jihadi movement. If, in fact, Obama is a member, we then have a enemy of the United States in the White House. I would like to point out the little word IF. This is not an established fact, but it is something that has at least some credibility. It is worthy of an aggressive investigation.

If this were proven to be true, think of the consequences. It is time that “we the people” demand that these allegations be checked out once and for all.

We, at Fortress of Faith and the TIL Project, are trying to warn our nation before it is too late. We are doing this because the danger is obvious to all who will open their eyes. We are not making this up. Those of you who read this newsletter and who listen to our broadcasts need to help us get the word out.

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