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Deja Vu All Over Again – Part 1

Before I get started let me mention a few things that have happened in the last few days that we will be keeping our eyes on.

  • King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia passed away
  • Yemeni government fallen to Al Quaeda
  • Iran may have a missile capable of reaching the US, We were warned by Israel’s Prime Minister

Islam-NaziismThe bottom line on this subject is that whether Obama is or is not a Muslim, whether or not he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, his policies definitely are to the MB advantage.

Another sure thing is that neither party in our government seems willing to take a stand on the issue. There are a few members of Congress that speak out, but even the Republicans just make a little noise and do nothing.

The President says he can find no evidence to tie the MB and CAIR to the violence we see from Muslims. How he can say this is beyond me.

Something else we need to understand is that there is a connection between the different Islamic groups which are trying to bring down Western society and the socialist/communist/progressive movements. This could have something to do with Obama’s reluctance to see the connection between the MB and Islamic violence.

One must have the intelligence of a cinder block to believe that the MB and its affiliates like CAIR have nothing to do with the Islamic violence we see. There are only two ways to see those who don’t make the connection. They are either grossly incompetent at their jobs or they are knowingly providing cover for enemies of the United States. I am open to other options if someone can show them to me.

The MB was founded to set up a world-wide Islamic caliphate by any means necessary. You can confirm this by looking at their bylaws which can be found on John Guandolo’s website.

Hamas, the terrorist group in Palestine, is the MB in Palestine. All you have to do is read their charter to see that this is true.

Since the MB charter tells us that they will use any means to accomplish their goal, including jihad, since Hamas, is the MB in Palestine and is designated a terrorist organization, since the leaders of Hamas are the MB leaders in Palestine, how can the President say there is no evidence that the MB is a terrorist organization? Let me ask why the President finds this so hard to understand? An eight year old child can understand it.

Let me say this again, if this administration cannot see the connection between the MB and terrorism they are either grossly incompetent or they are criminal in their deliberate neglect of their duties.

I keep hearing that no connection can be found between the different terrorist groups. There are two very obvious connections that are there for everyone to see. They are Islam and the Qur’an. These two things tie all of these groups together in spite of their differences on the details of how to establish Islamic rule in the world.

We must understand the mindset of the people of Poland in 1939 or 1940 France. If you do not understand that mindset you will not understand where we are as a nation at this time. There was a tremendous difference between the lives of the Polish people on August 31, 1939 and September 1, 1939. What a difference a day can make. They knew something wasn’t right, but they did nothing to stop it.

Americans feel like something is wrong, but it is not all that wrong. The evidence is clear and simple, but many don’t want to upset their lives by looking at the truth and taking action to stop what is happening.

There are many well-meaning people who just can’t believe that things are as bad as they are. My suggestion to them is to get out of the way and let those of us who see the danger for our families, our nation, and our whole way of life deal with the issue. Don’t get in the way and slow us down.

Pressure has been put on this administration to shut down John Guandolo and to retrain all law enforcement personnel that were trained by him. This pressure was from seventy-five progressive and jihadi organizations. The sad thing is that senior religious leaders are also trying to shut down anything that shows Islam in the light of truth.

The biggest casualty in the war on Islamic terrorism is truth. Truth matters and we cannot win the war against terrorism without it.

We, at Fortress of Faith and the TIL Project, are trying to warn our nation before it is too late. We are doing this because the danger is obvious to all who will open their eyes. We are not making this up. Those of you who read this newsletter and who listen to our broadcasts need to help us get the word out.

Next week we will continue looking at the parallels between what is happening now and what happened at the beginning of WWII. We will also see who has killed more people than anyone else in recent history.

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