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Deja Vu All Over Again – Part 2

Islam-NaziismThere seems to be a connection and a complicity between the progressive/socialist/communist movements and the Islamic groups. One thing we can see, if we look at history, is that the left that has killed many more people in the last eighty-five to ninety years than anyone else. The left is not a non-violent movement. Its purpose is to restrict liberty and to impose a form of subjugation. Communist and socialist regimes make the government the focal point instead of the people.

These regimes tend to outlaw Christianity and to remove any Christian expression from the public forum. You will notice that they don’t do the same with Islam. This can be seen by what just happened at Duke University in North Carolina. They will not allow Christians to speak out on campus, but they were going to allow the Muslim call to prayer to be played on the loudspeakers of the school.

The marriage between the progressive left and the Jihadi movement, lead by the Muslim Brotherhood, is very apparent to those who will look. There are major Islamic groups working in tandem with organizations funded by George Soros.

There are groups like Act Now To Stop Racism and Code Pink working directly with Hamas. Code Pink overtly supports Hamas, which is a designated terrorist organization.

Many of the anti-war and other types of protests are funded by left-wing groups, including foreign governments. The anti-nuclear protests of the 1980’s were funded by the KJB. The riots in Ferguson were not spontaneous, they were organized by left-wing organizations. The riots in the Middle East like the Arab Spring were organized and planed by the MB more than a year in advance.

This marriage between the left and the MB exists because both have the goal of destroying the existing democratic governments in the world.

The riots in Ferguson had nothing to do with the truth. What happened is that a criminal who had just committed strong armed robbery and who reached for a policeman’s gun was shot while attacking the policeman. Any policeman would have seen this as a situation where deadly force was needed. These were anti-police riots supported by left-wing groups.

The Attorney General and the President of the United States supported the radicals against the police. They were defending the violation of the law rather than the rule of law. These riots are just one more piece of evidence showing that the progressive left-wing movement is violent in nature.

A major error of the conservatives when they try to show the error of the left is that they try to simply show that the left is soft on crime and that they want big government. In truth the left is trying to destroy our constitutional system and it is using violence chaos o do it. This is how the communist took over Russia. This is how the Nazi party (which was not a right-wing group, it was the National Socialist Party) did it.

The strategic goal of the left is to create enough chaos so that they can come in and lay down the law and install their system. This is exactly the goal of the Islamic groups. The would love it if we would start attacking mosques because it would allow them to say, “see they hate us because we are Muslims” and create chaos. Islam would then step in and say, “we bring a rule of law.” We know this law as Sharia, and we know that it has to room for personal rights and freedom.

We have historically seen that when chaos comes, someone is always there to offer structure. It may be a communist dictator, it may be an Islamic leader, but you can be sure that it will always lead to suppression of freedom.

What the left needs to understand is that if Islam takes over they will be the first to be killed. Communism and socialism are no more compatible with Islam than democracy. You can be sure the the homosexuals will be killed because this is how Islam deals with sodomy.

Even the left-winged National Organization for Women (NOW) is starting to see the light. They see the oppression of women under Sharia. Under Islam women are considered as having only half the value of a man.

Understand that the goal of these leftist and Islamic groups is chaos. This is the door that will allow them to come in with their offer of structure. The solution has to start at the local level.

The problem is seen in our churches. There is a false pacifism and “lets just all get along” attitude that has become a major force in “Christian” circles. This is happening because of a misunderstanding of the principle of turning the other cheek.

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