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Hello From Israel – Part 3

SupportIsraelBefore I get into some of the things we have seen today I want to look at a passage from the Bible about how God will deal with Israel in the land.

I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord GOD. I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up [that which was] broken, and will strengthen that which was sick: but I will destroy the fat and the strong; I will feed them with judgment. Ezekiel 34:15-16

The idea that He will cause them to lie down is that He will give them rest in the land. We long for the peace of Israel and should be praying for it. Their re-establishment in the land was prophesied and has been fulfilled.

Being here in Israel really changes the way you look at some things. We got to see the Dome of the Rock which dominates the skyline of Jerusalem. This mosque was built just 60 years after Muhammad’s death. From an Islamic standpoint the golden dome that stands where the Temple used to stand in Israel is the third most holy site for Islam.

Being here we sense the blending of three religions. We see the star of David, the cross, and the crescent of Islam at a place of worship. I have been predicting this blending for some time. We have had much to say about Chrislam. We also have the Messianic Jews who blend Christianity and Judaism together. I will have more to say about this in a future article.

Today we went into the West Bank. We saw the wall that Israel has had to build to protect themselves from the violence that comes from the West Bank. Before I tell you what we saw in the West Bank let me say that we have no problem with the Arabs but when you bring Islam into the mix it becomes dangerous. Islam changes everything.

When we were up near Galilee I mentioned we visited a synagogue. In that synagogue they had the “seat of Moses.” The seat had “Rabbi Ishmael” inscribed on it. Who would have thought they would have the name of Ishmael attributed to one of the teachers there? For over 500 years after Christ there was no Islam. It is only after the coming of Islam that we have a problem between the Jews and the Arabs.

We were in Bethlehem earlier today and I must say you see the security but I didn’t feel threatened in any way whatsoever. Of course we did try to keep a low profile while we were on the Palestinian side of the wall. We didn’t advertise that we were American Christians. There are, however, 25.000 Arabic Christians who live in that area.

The American media portrays that this country is in extreme chaos and extreme violence and that there is always fighting and violence. In reality many of these cities need tourism dollars to live.  When the tourists don’t come they are not able to feed their families. Because of this, when a group like ours comes in they welcome us with open arms. They don’t want chaos, they just want to be able to feed their families.

I have a friend who lives in Israel. This person was sharing with me that generally on Fridays, after their prayers, around 2 o’clock the Muslim youth will come to the streets to throw rocks at the Israelis because they have been inflamed and encouraged by their imam during the sermon to protest against the Jews and against Israel.

There are many Muslim Arabs living in Israel. They don’t take up stones to throw at Jews. We were in Nazareth and in Jerusalem with out seeing this. When you get into the West Bank with the Palestinian Muslims there is a problem.

Last night we talked to a few Arabs in Jerusalem as we walked through the Arab quarter at about 9:00 pm. They said that they just want peace in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the most peaceful city in the world.

There is unrest in the area, but it comes from the Muslims who are trying to set themselves up as a state. From what I am gleaning it seems that they are jealous because Israel has the airports, the sea ports, and all of the infrastructure. Those in the Palestinian areas want to play the victim. They have been given the opportunity to set up their own state, but they want everything done for them rather than putting forth the effort like Israel has done.

Hillary Clinton said that there are too many people living in the Palestinian area and there is not enough land for them. The Gaza Strip is about 8.000 square miles and there are 1.5 million people that live in that area. Washington DC is about half that size and has half the population of the Gaza Strip. Her point is that with that many people in that small of an area you can never establish a state. In Washington, with the same population per square mile. we have an airport, commerce, and everything needed to live.

History bears record to the fact than when Gaza was turned over to the Arabs it had a system that would feed them, systems that would provide all of their utility needs, etc. and they destroyed it. They live in poverty largely because of the choices they make.

The situation here is not easy and coming over here will help be understand things better. This is the main reason I came. We want to help educate our listeners and our readers so they can understand what is happening in the world today.

One of the places we visited is the museum were the Dead Sea Scrolls are on display. We will be visiting the place where they were found later in the week. Tomorrow I want to look at the significance of these scrolls. Be sure to come back tomorrow because I believe it will help you understand some important things about the Scriptures.

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