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An Interview With Our Tour Guide – Continued 3

Helil webToday we continue the interview with my tour guide in Israel. Before I get started on this I want to say a few words about the statement that President Obama made at the recent prayer breakfast.There are some things that he said that make me believe that he will soon be coming out of the closet concerning his Muslim faith. This may shock you, but the evidence seems to be  pointing that way.

Let me remind you of something from a few weeks ago when Obama was in India. He made this comment:

There have been moments in my life where i’ve been treated differently because of the color of my skin. There have been times where my faith has at times been questioned by people who don’t know me, or they’ve said that I adhere to a different religion, as if that were somehow a bad thing.

One of “those people who don’t know me” and happens to believe the evidence that shows Obama is not a Christian happens to be me. In this statement he seems to be saying, who what if I am a Muslim, what difference does that make? It shows where his loyalties lie. This should a something that concerns us since we are fighting against Islam.

We will be discussing this in greater length on our Saturday program. If you isn’t available on the radio where you live you can go to the Saturday Programs tab on our site and listen to it their.

It is interesting to note that Helil’s name means hallelujah. It is a name of praise to God.

Helil’s passion for archaeology has made this trip especially interesting. The science of archaeology is different from other sciences like chemistry and physics. These other sciences can be tested experimentally. Archaeology, on the other hand, cannot. Archaeology digs down layer by layer to expose history.

There seems to be a lot of prejudice in the minds of archaeologists as far as what they expect to find. This prejudice causes them to ignore some things that might lead them to a different conclusion. If they are prejudice against the Bible they will bypass evidence that supports the Bible and look for things to try to contradict the events found in the Scriptures. There is evidence that this has happened in this region, and that even some evidence has been destroyed. Of late there has been a change of mentality and more discoveries supporting the Bible have been found.

There is debate whether or not archaeology is really a science because you can only uncover a dig once. You cannot repeat the find. In chemistry you can prove or disprove your theory bye doing experiments. In archaeology they leave 20% of the area alone so another generation can come along, with maybe another way of looking at things, and prove or disprove your theory.

Archaeology can be very political in nature. The Palestinian archaeologists interpret what they find to support the idea that everything in the area is of Arabic origin and not Jewish. In the last ten years there has been a change from seeking to prove a preconceived idea to seeking the truth. This has unearthed a wealth of evidence proving the truth of the Bible accounts of history.

They are finding many things confirming the kingdoms of David and Solomon. The discoveries of the last ten years make the Bible a very accurate historical document. This is what we should expect since it is God’s inspired Word.

Descriptions of Solomon’s Temple have been found. Up to this time the only descriptions we had are what are found in the Bible. There are many discoveries proving the united kingdom under David did exist. They have found proof that Jerusalem was a large city in the time of David, and not just a small Arab settlement. They have discovered David’s palace and the evidence fits perfectly with what the Bible says.

It is amazing what is being found to prove the Bible’s history to be accurate. It should increase the faith of those of us who believe the Bible. It should encourage us concerning what lies ahead.

This trip has been enlightening to me and I hope that what we have reported will give you a better understand you Bibles.

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