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Four Years On The Radio

MicThis month is our four year anniversary. It has been an exciting four years and it seems like we just started. God has taken us on a journey that has exceeded my dreams. It has been your generous support that He has used to get us to where we are today.

There is a great interest in the information we put out. What the media and the government are putting out doesn’t quite pass what I call the “sniff test.” Something just doesn’t smell right when we hear what they say and see what is happening in real life. How can anyone who has their eyes open believe that Islam is a religion of peace and the the terrorism has noting to do with Islam.

Those of you who follow Fortress of Faith, both on the net and on the radio. know the truth about Islam. We provide you what the Islamic scriptures and the Islamic leaders say in their own words. It is sad that this information is hidden from us by the mainstream media and our government officials who are supposed to be protecting us

obama-with-muslimsElections have consequences and we have voted in people who have an ideology that is dangerous to Western civilization. One of the goals of this ministry is to wake us up to the truth so we can take steps to stop what is happening.

Let me share a story that is not getting much press attention. The Muslim Brotherhood, through its front groups here in America, had a private meeting in the White House with President Obama. This meeting was set up by the State Department. We have not been told who the 16 Muslims who were invited are. We can thank Allan West for his efforts to expose this information. We find that these people are leaders of ISNA, CAIR, and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

President Obama refuses to call the Muslim Brotherhood and its subsidiaries terrorist groups. This is baffling because other countries, including Muslim countries, have put them on their terrorist lists.

We have reported on the fact that the largest newspaper in Egypt claims that President Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. We do not make this claim here at Fortress of Faith because we have not found sufficient proof of this. Do you think that, if this is true, it could explain Obama’s actions on issues concerning Islamic terrorism?

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that Obama is, at the very least, sympathetic toward the Muslim Brotherhood. He refuses to identify them as who they are. He brings in leaders of the MB front groups for advice, he supported the MB candidate in the Egyptian elections. When the people rose up to throw out Mubarak Obama said it was democracy at work but when the rose up to throw out Morsi, the MB leader, he threatened to cut off US aid to Egypt.

Let me say a bit about the aid we give to Egypt. it is, I believe, around 1.6 Billion dollars a year. Most of it goes to build up their military. It is part of the Camp David Accord and I would call it a bribe to keep Egypt from attacking Israel. I can only hope that this doesn’t come back to haunt us someday.

Let’s get back to the subject of the private meeting between the President and Muslim Brotherhood leaders. According to the Detroit Free Press:

“the White House ordered the Muslim attendees not to talk after the meeting about what Obama said during the discussion. However, some have broken the ground rules and leaked what was discussed.”

Fortunately some did not obey this order and let some things out. According to the Detroit Free Press the agenda was as follows:

Topping the agenda was “anti-Muslim bigotry” and banning Muslim terrorist profiling by federal law enforcement. Participants said they got a sympathetic ear from Obama. The president reportedly entertained the idea of naming Muslim judges to federal courts. Meanwhile, the most pressing Muslim-related issue of our time — violent jihadism — was not discussed.

Muslims claim that there is a real problem in America with anti-Muslim bigotry but the statistics don’t bear that out. An FBI report shows that Jews have been victims of “hate crimes” nearly 1,000 times more than Muslims.

Would you please help me understand why we can’t profile Muslims when we are looking for possible terrorist attacks in this country? I don’t see Christians and Jews shooting people, cutting of people’s heads, or blowing things up.

Obama lent a sympathetic ear to the complaints of the Muslims. It is reported that he is even willing to appoint Muslim judges to federal courts. Think of the consequences of doing this. This is how Sharia Law got started in Great Britain. I have been warning about this for some time. This is why we need to get the “American Laws For American Courts” amendment passed in every state. As you can imagine, CAIR and other pro-Islamic groups oppose this.

What is the most pressing Muslim related issue of our time? it is violent jihadism, and it was not even mentioned at the meeting. Wouldn’t this have been a great opportunity for the President to address this issue with Muslim leaders?

Judge Jeanine said some pretty strong things on here show recently. She closed here remarks with:

Stop defending Islam, start protecting Americans. Stop saying what Islam doesn’t stand for and start saying what you, as our president, intend to do about this.

I will close with this because I don’t think I could say it any better.

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