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Is Obama Showing His True Colors? – Part 1

obama-with-muslimsToday we want to discuss some of the things that the President said at the recent prayer breakfast. Some of what he said is very questionable and offensive.

This was an inter-faith prayer breakfast and the President spoke for quite a while. Shahram listened to the whole speech and I (Tom) have read the transcript so we can keep everything that was said in context. We have learned that you can’t depend on the reports on things like this because those with an agenda will take things out of context and distort what has been said.

Since context is so important we must put the whole event in context. This was just a few days after the video showing the Jordanian pilot being burned to death by ISIS. It is believed that the pilot was actually killed about a month before the video came out. It was a horrific, Hollywood style video where they burned this man alive in a cage.

The President had the opportunity to speak to this issue at this prayer breakfast. As someone who claims to be a Christian, you would have thought that he would have come out and strongly denounced this horrific event. We would have expected him to denounce all of these horrible things that are being done in the name of Islam. This is not what he did. In stead of doing this he said that before we get on our high horse that we should remember the Crusades and the Inquisition and how they were done in the name of Christ. He also inserted slavery in America and the Jim Crow laws.

I want to start by addressing the slavery issue. Anyone who knows the history of America knows that it was Christians who were the abolitionists and who fought against slavery. Christians were the ones driving the conversation that ultimately ended slavery in the United States.

One of the most telling parts of the President’s speech is that there was no emotion and no passion displayed in it. A man had just been burned alive, which should anger anyone with any sense of right and wrong, and the President could not show any outrage at all. ISIS is crucifying Christians, beheading children, burying people alive, and other atrocities, and the President cannot even show a little anger at what is happening.

The Crusades happened about 1,000 years ago. To invoke the Crusades in discussing the issue of Islamic terrorism shows a real lack of knowledge of history and no understanding of what really happened. We are going to show you on the show today that Obama is not only a poor historian, is is also a poor theologian.

Muslims always want to bring up the Crusades to defend their terrorist activities. I call it the two “C’s,” the Crusades and colonialism. The problem is that they don’t tell the whole story. Muslims are always ready to throw out claims without producing any evidence for the veracity of what they claim. The sad thing is that so many on the left and in the media are ready to accept these claims without looking into them.

There were about ten crusades, and what Muslims fail to tell us is that each of them was an attempt to reclaim lands that were taken by Muslims. The Muslims had taken these lands from the Christians by the sword and the Christians were simply taking back what had been taken from them.

If you are a follower of Fortress of Faith or a student of history you know that Islam had spread across the Middle East, North Africa, in into France by the 8th century. They had taken over Christian areas like Syria, Turkey, and Spain, all by the sword and all by massacring Christians. Don’t you think it is a little hypocritical for Muslims to criticize Christians for the Crusades?

We will readily admit that there were some during the Crusades that did things that were wrong. The crusaders, for the most part, did not massacre Muslims just because they were Muslims. Their goal was to take back land that had been taken from them. Another goal was to come to the rescue of the Christians who still lived in those lands and were being persecuted and killed by Muslims.

You would think that the President of the United States would have advisors who could tell him that he was inaccurate in his statements. There should be those who know enough history to warn him that he is making a fool of himself by making them. The only reason I can think of for this type of thing is that it is blatant propaganda and he knows exactly what he is doing.

We will continue this subject tomorrow but before I close today I want to mention something that it happening in Texas.

An arbitrational court has been set up in Dallas. It is not illegal because people can voluntarily submit to others for arbitration. We do this in our churches when people have issues. It is a biblical principle (Matthew 18:15-17). If Christians can do this so can other religions, even Islam.

The problem with this court is that these imams have referred to themselves as lawyers. They do not have any law degrees and it is illegal in America to claim to be a lawyer without holding a degree in law. Since they have been caught, they have taken the claim to be lawyers off of their website.

They have admitted that they use Sharia to make their judgments. They also claim that the do not judge criminal matters, but their definition of criminal is different than ours. We will keep you informed as we learn more about this issue.

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