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Is Obama Showing His True Colors? – Part 2

obama-with-muslimsToday we are going to continue our discussion of Obama’s true loyalties. We believe that he is testing the waters and may be considering revealing that is a Muslim.

I want to break down Obama’s recent statements  and see why it is so important that we understand what is happening. We must expose what is happening for what it is or lose our way of life.

Before we continue breaking this down let me point out the difference between the Jordanian King and our President’s action to the killing of our citizens. The Jordanian King responded quickly and firmly. There is no ambiguity in Jordan’s response. He even called it Islamic terrorism. Our President won’t even admit that it is Islamic, and he seems to justify the horrible things the jihadists are doing by stating that some Christians have done bad things in the past. This reminds me of a child who justifies his bad behavior because another child has done something bad.

Here is something that really points out the difference between Jordan’s King and our President. When the jihadists kill a Jordanian Pilot the Jordanians bomb ISIS installations with a vengeance. When ISIS kills an American citizen our President releases Islamic terrorists from Gitmo or plays golf. Something is seriously wrong with this administration.

The more we examine this prayer breakfast speech by Obama, the more revealing it is. It is only speculation our our part, but this makes me think that our President is preparing to come out of the closet as a Muslim.

One of the things Obama said in the speech was:

“There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency, that can pervert and distort our faith.”

The first question I ask is, What faith is he talking about? Is he saying that anyone who says that Islam is a violent religion is following a sinful tendency? Is he saying that those who commit Islamic Jihad are doing something sinful? We have shown time and time again that this last question is not what he means by sinful.

If Obama is a Christian, and there are still some who believe he is, he certainly is not a Bible believing Christian. He supports abortion, the killing of innocent life, homosexuality, lawlessness, and many other anti-biblical things. He is about to allow millions of illegal aliens to be come legal with a path to citizenship. He also promotes the ideology of Islam. There is nothing about his conduct that suggests in any way that he is a Christian.

When is the last time you heard Obama criticize Islam? In this speech he criticized Christians, and this is not the first time he has done so. Every time Obama has the chance to stand up for Christianity and condemn the evil acts of Islam he doesn’t do so. As a mater of fact, he does just the opposite.

I like what Judge Jeanine had to say on this issue. She is one who will tell it to you straight. She said:

“President Obama, we want you to stop defending Islam and start defending America.”

I say AMEN to that.

She also said that it seems that President Obama is comfortable with extremism. The reason there is no passion against what is happening, the reason he can return to a golf game right after making a statement about the beheading of an American, is that what is happening does not bother him. He seems quite comfortable with it.

In this prayer breakfast Obama seemed to be saying that Christians have no moral ground to criticize Islam. To equate the Crusades with what ISIS is doing has no basis in fact.

We need to understand that the Crusades were not done by Biblical Christianity. It was a perversion of Christianity that was practiced in that day. They were doing things that were not the teachings of Christ. We can’t support much of what they did. There was, however, a moral justification for them to fight against the Muslims to take back land that had been taken from them by the sword. There is a biblical principle that they were following, it is the right to self-defense.

We also must remember that there were over 300 years of Islamic attacks on Christian lands before the first Crusade. The Holy Land was taken, including Jerusalem. Much of Europe was in their hands.

The President of the United States is supposed to defend the American people. President Obama is doing the exact opposite. He is doing everything he can to lay us bare to the assault of our enemies. At what point do we stop saying that it is ignorance or incompetence and start saying that it is deliberate?

Nowhere in the teachings of Christ to we find a command to kill those who refuse to convert to Christianity or those who leave it. On the other hand, Muhammad and his successors not only command this, they have always carried out these commands. What we are seeing is nothing new.

We must not forget that the Crusades ended 800 years ago. On the other hand, Jihad is still going on. It marches on just as it did under Muhammad. As long as Islam stands upon the teachings of Muhammad and the Islamic scriptures there will be bloodshed.

In his speech he said:

“And so, as people of faith, we are summoned to push back against those who try to distort our religion — any religion — for their own nihilistic ends.”

Notice that he said “our religion” and then corrected himself to say “any religion.” I think he slipped up in his speech because in the context he was rebuking Christians for saying things against Islam. It seems that he meant that we (Muslims) are summoned to push back against those who try to distort our religion (Islam), and then realized what he had said and tried to correct it.

“Our religion” seems to imply that it is his religion and the religion he is talking about is Islam. You will notice that the end of the quote says “for their own nihilistic ends.” He has used the word “nihilistic” a number of times in his speeches over the last few months when he is defending Islam.

First of all he is using the wrong word to describe ISIS. Most commonly, nihilism argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value. There is no doubt that ISIS and the other Islamic terrorists do not argue that life is without objective meaning or intrinsic value. To them the meaning of life is the establishment of Islam in the whole world.

The point that I want to make is that every time he uses the world “nihilistic” he is defending Islam. This leads us to believe that “our religion” means Islam.

It is possible that these “slips” are not mistakes at all. It is possible that they are preparing us for his coming out as a Muslim. Maybe they are testing the waters to see how it will be received.

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