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Do They Really Think We Are That Dumb?

obama-with-muslimsDoes the Obama administration really think that we are dumb enough to believe what they are saying? Sadly there are some people who just swallow whatever President Obama and the liberals tell them. They don’t want to be bothered by looking into what is really happening. It is foolish not to keep oneself informed about the issues in the world.

I want to look at some of the things coming from this administration that give us an indication of just how dumb they think we are.

The first one is the Obama wants us to believe the the Islamic State (ISIS) is not Islamic. Don’t you think they know who they are. He wants us to believe that Islam is not militant and violent. He tries to tell us that Islam does not encourage what we see before our eyes. We hear about some new act of terror in the name of Islam just about every day.

The truth is that groups like ISIS are doing what the Qur’an tells them to do. They are following the teaching and example of their Prophet, Muhammad.

Another lie they want us to believe is that the reason so many young Muslims are joining ISIS is that they are living in poverty. Marie Harf, a spokesperson for the State Department, tried to get us to believe this lie. Even liberal Chris Matthews is smart enough to understand that what this administration is doing is not working. Listen to what Marie Harf said when he her asked what needs to be done to stop this terrorism:

Again, I ask, how dumb to they think we are?

She said that we must deal with the root cause. I agree with this statement, but we don’t both agree on what the root cause is. She thinks it is the economy, that all we need to do is help their governments create jobs and all of the problems will go away. How foolish!

Until our government admits that Islam is the root cause we have no chance of winning. You can’t win if you don’t know who you are fighting.

One major error made by this administration was pulling out of Iraq too soon. We needed to leave a residual force behind to ensure that something like ISIS did not arise. The administration blames Iraq for refusing to accept a security agreement. The facts are that the Government of Iraq wanted a security agreement, but they wanted enough troops to do the job. They refused the agreement the Obama administration offered because the number of troops was far too small to do any good.

Obama was asked if he regretted taking the troops out of Iraq. His response was :

You know what I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up, as if this was my decision.

My question is, Who did make the decision to take all of our troops out of Iraq? It seems to me that Obama wants to take the credit for ending the war in Iraq, but he doesn’t want to be blamed for how he did it and the mistakes he made in the process. Here is some of his bragging about ending the war:

Four years ago I promised to end the war in Iraq, I did.

I told you I would end the war in Iraq and we did.

I ended the war in Iraq as I promised.

I was able to keep my promise to end the war in Iraq.

Does this administration forget that there are videos of every speech he makes? Obama believes, as did the Nazi and Communist propagandists, that if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough it will become the truth in people’s minds.

Another lie is that the shooting at Ft. Hood was nothing but work place violence. The shooter was shouting Islamic slogans, he had a business card that said “Soldier of Allah,” he was following the teachings of many militant Muslims, and Obama refuses to call it Islamic terrorism.

I must ask, who is looking foolish? If you believe the propaganda put out by this administration, then you are foolish. If you search out the truth, then he is foolish.

The proof is in the events that we see daily in the news. The war in Iraq is not over, it is worse than ever. We are heading in the same direction in Afghanistan. Every drop of blood shed by our soldiers will have been in vain if something doesn’t change.

Obama has told us that al Qaeda is on the run. Is this really true? No it is not.

Obama touted Yemen as a success story for his foreign policy. What has happened there in recent weeks? If this is an example of what he considers a success, then he must want Islam to rule the world.

If we want to see success and to protect our way of life we must get someone else in the Oval Office, someone who has a desire to protect America. Obama’s policies are making the world a much more dangerous place. They are undermining our national security.

Let me try to bring all of this together. The first question I have is; Why do you think Obama was re-elected? Who was ever re-elected as President with such a bad economy? His major accomplishment was healthcare, and that was in shambles. His foreign policy was failing. In spite of all of this he got re-elected. Why?

What I am going to say next is both important and controversial. We must admit this or all is lost. Obama was re-elected because God permitted it. As I have said for years, God has given us what we deserve. This nation has turned its back on God, and God is allowing us to have what we asked for.

There are consequences for our sins. We cannot accept the killing of the unborn, abominable life styles, and so many other evil things and not expect God’s judgment.

Listen to what George Mason, one of the writers of our bill of rights had to say:

As nations can not be rewarded or punished in the next world they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes & effects providence punishes national sins, by national calamities.

Isn’t it something that at the founding of our nation politicians talked about God’s judgment upon nations. It would be something if preachers would talk about this today.

Thomas Jefferson, who they try to tell us did not believe in God, said the following.:

God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever.

He is saying that if we forget that our liberty is a gift from God, then we can expect God’s judgment. We have forgotten God, and judgment is here.

One of the founders of our nation said our Constitution was given for a religious (Christian) people, and that is is wholly inadequate for the governing of any other kind of people. The truth of these words is before our eyes today. We have rejected God from our courts, our schools, and as much as is possible, in the public forum. We don’t have too look very hard or far to see the results.

I think Ronald Reagan summed it us best:

If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.

We have leadership in Washington that is failing. I don’t believe this is an accident. If the Antichrist is going to rule as a world dictator you can’t have an America still stands for democracy. Dictatorships don’t allow freedom to choose your leaders and to choose your religion. Dictatorships remove freedoms because freedoms allow people to question governmental leaders.

I believe that there will soon be a conflict between Israel and Iran. Israel will have to attack Iran to stop the development of nuclear weapons. She will have no choice because her very existence is at stake. I fear that Israel will have to stand alone because this present administration will not support her.

When this happens you can be sure the Russia and the Islamic nations will come down on the side of Iran. This will be a fulfilment of Bible prophecy.

The end is getting close. We, as Christians, had better spend time on our knees if we want things to turn around.

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