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Muslim Friendly Bibles – Part 2

The_Holy_Book_Muslim_FriendlyBefore I get into the subject of Muslim friendly Bibles I want to look at some things that are in the news. This past week the administration had its 3 day summit on “violent extremism.” It turned out to be all to do about nothing.

The one thing that did come out in a news release after the summit was that there is supposedly a new terrorist threat that is bigger than the Islamic groups that are threatening America. This new “threat” is from those the government calls “Sovereign Citizens.” These are, according to the administration, ultra-conservative groups and they are supposedly a greater threat than the Muslim groups that have announced their intention of bringing down America.

Jeh Johnson, the chief of Homeland Security, said last week that it is his job to make sure that Muslims are not discriminated against. I thought his job was to provide security for Americans.

Since 2008 I have been following the FBI Hate Crime Reports. I have reviewed the last 10 years of these reports can compared the hate crimes against Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Muslims are discriminated against slightly more than Christians, but there are more than 5 times as man hate crimes against Jews as either Christians or Muslims. The report for the latest year available, 2013, shows 116 against Christians, 165 against Muslims, and 689 against Jews. Here is a chart I put together showing the last 10 years of hate crime statistics:


Now let’s get back on subject.

I want to look at those groups who are rewriting the Bible to be Muslim friendly. For example, in Islam it is considered heresy to say that Jesus is the Son of God. Some organizations like Wycliffe Bible Translators, SIL Frontiers are reprinting Bibles in foreign languages that are removing offensive passages.

On today’s broadcast we had a special guest, George Housney, who is on the forefront of fighting against this new trend. You will want to listen to the broadcast to get the full force of what he had to say.

The greatest weapon we have against Islam is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately we are seeing something very disturbing in the missions community. I don’t mean to say that all missionaries are doing what we will be talking about today. There are some missionaries that are doing it right, even at the risk of their lives.

Many missionaries are promoting Allah as the god of the Bible. They are saying it is not a big deal to us the name of Allah for God. The say that Allah just means a god in Arabic. As those of you who follow our ministry know, this is not so!

The Insider Movement is telling Muslims that they can become a Christian and continue to go to the Mosque and continue to accept the Qur’an as the word of god and Muhammad as a true prophet. Other missionary groups are promoting that they can be a follower of Isa, the Muslim Jesus, and get to heaven. This is called “Messianic Muslims.”

We, as Christians, know that God is our heavenly Father and that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for the sins of the world. We know that He died to pay our sin debt, He rose again for our justification, and He is coming back to catch us out of this world and take us to Heaven. These things are foundational to Christian theology. Without them you do not have Christianity.

What Is Their Justification For Changing The Bible?

One of the things that is taught in missions is that the Gospel must be taught in a way that is understood in the culture where the missionary goes. This does not mean that we change the Gospel, it means that we consider the way people think in a given culture and present the Gospel in such a way that they can grasp it.

The Bible is offensive to Muslims because they are taught things that are the opposite of what the Bible teaches. Because of this missionaries are going to the Bible translation groups and asking them to soften the language so it is not offensive to Muslims. The goal of these missionaries is to see Muslims saved. This is a good goal, but they are trying to use deceitful methods. The end does not justify the means.

If you make a “convert” who doesn’t believe Jesus is the Son of God, what kind of convert do you have? Would this person really be a true Christian?

Are those who use such methods really concerned about the souls of Muslims? Or is their purpose to inflate their numbers so they can maintain their support? Having been a missionary I know the pressure that is put upon missionaries to be “productive.”

Those who change the Word of God are violating Biblical principles. We have no right to touch the Word of God. We also have no right to add or take away from the Gospel.

If we change our Bibles so we don’t offend Muslims, are we not proving that the Qur’an is correct and the Bible is wrong? Muslims claim that the Bible is wrong because it says that God has a Son. If we remove this thought from the Bibles we give them are we not admitting that they are right?

We must call out those who do this. We must cease supporting missionaries and translators who do this because they are undermining the work of God.

One of the ministries that is raising funds for the “Muslim friendly Bibles” is Big Life Ministries. Sadly this ministry is supported by the likes of Oliver North and Mike Huckabee. Both of these men claim to be Bible Believing Christians. What a contradiction to call yourself a Bible believer and believe that it is OK to remove essential Bible doctrine to supposedly reach Muslims for Christ. You cannot reach anyone for Christ if you don’t tell them who Christ is.

There is an article in the Naples Daily News, where Big Life Ministries is headquartered, that says the following?

The news reports daily how radical Islam is tearing our world apart. Yet the Koran commands the Muslims to read the bible, the Islamic leaders teach that the bible is corrupt and cannot be trusted. So what is the answer? A “Muslim Friendly Bible”. Big Life has printed a Bible that looks and reads just like a Muslim holy book and they are reading it and coming to faith by the thousands. Big Life projects at the rate they are seeing Muslims come to faith they will need another 72,000 this year.

Think about what this says. It says that the Islamic leaders are saying we have corrupted the Bible and the answer is to corrupt the Bible so it reads like a Muslim holy book. They say that Muslims are reading these Bibles and are coming to faith. The question is what faith are they coming to? They cannot be coming to Christian faith if they don’t believe that God has as Son, and this Son is Jesus Christ. How foolish can people be.

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