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The Resurgence of Anti-Semitism – Part 1

netanyahu_benjamin01Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech Before Congress

Most of you have probably heard, or heard about, the speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. You have probably also seen President Obama’s response as he tried to play down the importance and the content of the speech.

I was able to interview Congressman Mark Meadows from North Carolina shortly after the speech. He is on the committee of Foreign Affairs and the sub-committee dealing with the Middle East and North Africa. I will give you the highlights here,.

Here are the points we discussed:

  • The Growth of anti-Semitism

  • The support for Israel on Capital Hill

  • The treat of Iran in the region, to Europe, and to the United States

  • Concern for the deal the President is negotiating with Iran

  • The untrustworthiness of Iran

  • The comparison with what is happening with this deal and North Korea

  • Everyone wants a deal, but we want a deal that guarantees peace

  • The three things Iran must do before we can lift the sanctions

  • What can Congress do to insure Iran does not have the sanctions lifted

We are deeply disappointed with reaction of some of the Democrats and the President to Netanyahu coming before Congress. Around 50 Democrats boycotted the speech and the administration treated the Prime Minister of Israel more like an enemy than a friend.

The heart of the speech is about the negotiations between this administration and Iran concerning Iran’s nuclear program.

I want us to know that throughout history there has been a very special relationship between Persia (Iran) and Israel. Many times God raised up Persia to come to Israel’s aid. It may be that God is doing this again. Hear me out on this. We must separate the Iranian leadership, the mullahs that run the country, from the people of Iran. Many are becoming Christians in Iran at this time. These Christians in Iran are pro-Israel.

One thing that Mark Meadows said in our interview is that if Iran wanted to show their sincerity in the negotiations they could do so by releasing Pastor Abedini, an American citizen, from prison. His only crime is preaching the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Meadows also told us that the unclassified things that are known about the negotiations with Iran are bad. If the unclassified things are bad, imagine how bad the classified things must be. From the things he said we understand that this deal is not only bad for Israel, it is bad for the US and for Europe. We must also remember that Iran does not like Saudi Arabia and it is bad for them also.

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