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The Resurgence of Anti-Semitism – Part 3

anti-semitismWhat is happening in the Middle East is not just about Iran and Israel. It involves the whole region. There are things going on that most of us are not aware of. Even Saudi Arabia is targeted by Iran.

Just this past week Saudi Arabia has reportedly agreed to let Israel use its airspace to attack Iran if necessary, in exchange for “some kind of progress” on the Palestinian issue. This is an almost unbelievable turn of events.

Most of us have a hard time understanding why Saudi Arabia would allow this. In one sense it is all Islam, both Saudi Arabia and Iran are Islamic regimes. We need to understand that the regime in Iran does not like the monarchy in Saudi Arabia. Iran believes that the Saudis have perverted Islam. This is why Iran is working to destabilize Yemen. Iran is presently in control, at least to some degree, of five Islamic capitals in the region.

Islam has two major divisions, Sunni and Shia Islam. The two do not like each other. Saudi Arabia is Sunni and Iran is Shia. Each thinks the other has perverted true Islam. There are reports that if Iran got a nuclear weapon they would also use it against Saudi Arabia.

Since both nations are Islamic, they will set aside their differences to fight a common enemy. This would include Israel, Christians and Jews, and ultimately America.

Netanyahu brought up the story in Ester about the plot to destroy the Jews by Haman in ancient Persia (Present day Iran). There is an interesting side to this story that Netanyahu missed.

First of all let me say that Netanyahu needs to separate the people of Iran from the regime. There are a lot of Iranians, both in Iran, and here in America, who are secular. Most of these Iranians think that what this regime is trying to do is despicable and an embarrassment to Iran.

The part that Netanyahu missed in giving the story of Ester is that God gave the Jews favor with the Persian king. The issue is that God worked mush through the Persians in the restoration of Israel after the Babylonian captivity. This is what I was talking about earlier when I mentioned the special relationship between Persia and Israel.

What Netanyahu should have done is said that he wanted to reach out to the Persian people who have been used of God throughout history to help preserve Israel. He should have appealed to the people of Iran, not the regime, for help. He should have reminded them the Obama refused to stand with them in 2009 when they rose up against the Mullahs and tried to set up a democracy.

There are approximately 100 million Iranians in the world. There are about 75 million in Iran and the rest of them in other countries. There are estimates that from 5-10 percent of these people are Christians. Shahram’s contacts in Iran say that the Iranian Christians are praying for Israel and even praying that God would send them to Israel to share Jesus Christ with them.

I don’t think that it is an accident that so many Persians are coming to Christ. These people will stand with Israel.

We will finish up on this subject tomorrow. I want to takes some time to talk about the issue of Palestine. Palestine did not exist until after WWI. It was invented by Great Britain when they were given the mandate to divide the Middle East to the Arabs and set up governments. They had planed a two state solution between the future state of Israel and the Arabs of that region.

Historically there has never been a people called Palestinians. If you wore asked to name one famous Palestinian you would most likely come up with Yassar Arafat. He was born in Egypt and was an Egyptian.

The British had good intentions when they started the project of dividing the land. 95% of the land was going to be given to the Arab nations. The rest was going to go to the future land of Israel. When the Arabs saw this map they went ballistic. One reason was because they were not Palestinians, they were Arabs. Of course another reason was they didn’t want any land to be given to a future state of Israel.

After all of the riots, mayhem, and murder, which Muslims do well, the British had to redraw the maps. They took 89% of the 5% they had reserved for Israel and gave it to the Arabs.

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