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ISIS In America

ISIS-flagToday I want to talk about how ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist group that the President called the JV team, is now making inroads into America with their terrorist activities. I attended an unclassified Washington briefing in September 2014. At this meeting there were a number of Congressmen who briefed the group. Michelle Bachmann was still in Congress at the time. She sat on the select committee on intelligence, which means she was an overseer of the CIA, NSA, and the rest of the US security establishment.

She shared with us unclassified information about what is going on concerning the security of our country. One of the things she talked about was ISIS. She, and others, made reference to the fact the the US government knows of at least 300 US citizens who have left America, gone to Syria to fight for ISIS. Here concerns, like many others, is the fact that these people could come back into our country since they are American citizens.

At the time Bachmann was asking that the State Department withdraw the passports of these known individuals. This would have stopped them from returning to America without being investigated and without showing that they are not a threat to us. I think this is a wise and reasonable thing to expect from our government. The State Department has not revoked any of these US passports. They say that they are keeping an eye on these people when they return. We have already seen that they have lost track of some of these people.

One thing that Bachmann said that I thought was very interesting was that there are 300 that we know of, but what about the ones we don’t know about? We can’t keep an eye on them if we are not aware of them.

We are faced with a problem and we are being told a number of them are here in our country. The FBI Director said about a week ago that ISIS is a chaotic spider web that avidly uses social media to radicalise people across the US. This means that they are recruiting people who are already here. He said:

We have investigations of people in various stages of radicalization in all 50 states. This isn’t a New York phenomenon or Washington phenomenon, this is in all 50 states, and in ways that are very hard to see.

We have examples of people who have gone to Syria, been involved with ISIS, and have returned. The one that should come to mind should be the 22 year old American from Florida. He was the one who released a video before he took part in a suicide bombing against eh Syrian government troops. His father was a Palestinian, his mother a hyphenated American, and Italian American. This man burned his own passport and renounced his American citizenship. In his video he told why Islam is the greatest religion on earth, why everyone should become a Muslim, why Muslims have a duty to kill the non-believers.

We know that he returned to the US after having been in Syria. A US border officer pulled him aside for additional screening. They called his mother to check on his claim that he was in Syria visiting family members. She validated this and therefore the officials let him go. He roamed around the country for six months before returning to Syria to rejoin the fight.

Let’s look at another example of ISIS in America recruiting Americans. Christopher Cornell from Ohio on January 14th, a week after the attack in Paris, was arrested for a plot to set off bombs in the US Congress. The FBI was tipped off after he posted videos and statements supporting ISIS. The FBI started watching him. An undercover sting uncovered his plot to set off pipe bombs at the US Capital and to shoot the people as they ran out.

Cornell showed the undercover agent his computer and the research he had done on how to build pipe bombs, the cost and type of guns he was going to buy to use in the attacks. He recently did an interview with a journalist and here is what he said:

I’m with the Islamic State. I am very dedicated to establish the Sharia in America, to wage war on the kuffar, and raise the word of Allah. I got orders from my brothers overseas because I’m with the Islamic State. My brothers over there in Syria and Iraq gave me specific orders to carry out jihad in the West, so I did so. I would have released more bullets on the Senate and the House of Representative members, and I would have attacked the Israeli Embassy and various other buildings.

He went on to say, probably to try to strike more fear of this Islamic terrorist group in the United States:

We are pretty strong, yes, in every state like I said, we’re in Texas, we’re in Ohio, we’re in New York City, we’re in Washington DC, we’re in every single state that you can name, just about.

This is exactly what we were told in the briefing I mentioned above.

There are other incidents of operatives of ISIS slipping into the United States over the Mexican border. We have been pushing for more border security to protect us from terrorists.

In October 2013 US Congressman Duncan Hunter declared on Fox News that the Border Patrol told him that agents have detained at least 10 ISIS fighters at the US/Mexican border. The month before that another congressman said, in an unclassified meeting, that 4 terrorists from ISIS tried to sneak into the United States from Mexico on September 10th.

Just this past February we were informed by a press release from the FBI that 6 Bosnian nationals claiming to be with ISIS were arrested for their conspiracy and material support for terrorism. One of the six is a member of ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America, which is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Let me quickly look at ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood side by side. Both of these groups are Sunni Muslims and both have the same goal of bringing forth the Muslim World Caliphate. We don’t see the Muslim Brotherhood openly working with ISIS, however we are now starting to see that some of those who are working with Muslim Brotherhood subsidiaries also working with ISIS.

Three weeks ago prosecutors announced the indictment of these 6 Bosnian nationals for their activities. The indictment says the provided ISIS with US Military uniforms, combat boots, tactical gear, firearm accessories such as range finders, and rifle scopes. They also sent thousands of dollars in cash, all in an elaborate conspiracy to commit murder and maiming of those in Syria and Iraq. Investigators obtained records from Western Union and PayPal documenting these activities.

According to the indictment members of the conspiracy used coded language which referred to each other as lions. They called Syria the beach. The weapons were known as actions.

ISIS keeps saying they are coming to America. They are already here. We need to keep up the pressure on our government to secure the borders and take other steps necessary to protect us from these terrorists.

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