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The Muslim Brotherhood and Obama – Part 2

obama-with-muslimsYesterday we started looking at the claim by a major Egyptian newspaper that President Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. While the evidence is only circumstantial, it is an issue that needs to be looked into. Today we want to continue this subject.

We know that in 2007 the Homeland Foundation trial indicted 5 members of the MB here in America. CAIR was found to be an unindicted co-conspirator in this trail. The Homeland Foundation was funnelling funds to support terrorism. It is a class A felony to give material support to terrorist organizations. If you and I did this we would find ourselves in jail for a long time.

When Eric Holder came to office he shut down the investigation. Had it not been for the shutting down of the investigation CAIR might not be an “unindicted” co-conspirator, it might be an indicted co-conspirator. Congress has tried to get the facts on this issue and the White House has resisted at every turn.

As recently as a month ago President Obama said there is no evidence that the MB is violent. What is he thinking? 5 members of the MB are in prison for supporting terrorism. We know that it was the MB that carried out the assassination of Anwar Sadat. We know that they started Al Quaeda and Hamas.

Just before the end of the year the State Department chastised the UAE for putting CAIR on their terrorist list. As I said, the evidence may be circumstantial, but it is mounting. We need to investigate these allegations.

We are not alone in what we say about President Obama and the ties he has with the MB. Former Vice President, Dick Chaney, saying these same things. There are others also, but no one is listening.

There is little doubt that Obama’s policies have helped the MB, a terrorist organization. These policies have helped other Islamic organizations also. The lack of strong action, the capitulation on the “red line,” and other policies under this administration have emboldened the Islamic terrorists.

The Egyptian government claims to have documents they seized from Morsi’s government to substantiate these allegations. We need to pray that these documents will be revealed. If they come out it will be hard evidence, and the allegations will no longer rest on circumstantial evidence alone.

When the Morsi government was overthrown they seized a signed document between the number two man in the MB and Morsi, who was the MB supported president of Egypt. It stated that the $ that was paid by the Obama administration to the MB.

In Egypt this is called treason, which carries the death penalty. I America we can’t even get a hearing on it.

The present Egyptian government says that the Obama administration said they would “legitimize” the new government in exchange for it silence on this agreement. The new government said no because it is more interested in getting a conviction against Morsi and the MB than protecting the Obama administration. Egypt sees the MB as the main threat to its national security.

If all of this proves to be true it is more than just impeachment. This is high treason.

The headquarters of CAIR used to be in Chicago. Remember, this is where Obama grew up politically. Now that Obama is President, CAIR has moved its headquarters to within a couple of blocks of the White House. This puts CAIR within walking distance of the White House and they are often there visiting with the administration.

Here is the link to a site with a video of a State Department spokesman saying they don’t understand why the UAE has put CAIR and MAS (Muslim American Society) on there list of terrorist organizations:

A reporter says that we know that CAIR is involved in almost every branch of this administration as an advisor. The spokesman essentially says don’t worry about it, we will get to the bottom of this.

Earlier this same spokesman said that ‘We don’t make the connection.” The implication seems to be that the State Department will straighten out the UAE. The spokesman said he didn’t have the information the reporters requested.

One reporter, who sounded Middle Eastern, asked of when the leader of CAIR went overseas would he be allowed back into America. If CAIR is a terrorist organization he should be on our no fly list.

There are a number of people in this administration we want to expose because of their association with the MB. You will be surprised how close they are to President Obama.

Tomorrow we will look at how the fox is guarding the hen house in our governmental agencies.

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