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breaking-newsBowe Bergdahl Charged With Desertion

Today I want to cover some of the things that have been in the news of late. I want to start with the news concerning Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was traded for five high level terrorists,( “The Taliban Five.”). It has been a long time in coming, but he is now charged with desertion,

The most amazing thing about this issue is that the White House is still defending this as having been a good deal. We traded 5 prisoners, that are somewhat equivalent to the Taliban’s general staff, for an Army deserter. There is evidence that 3 of 5 of the Taliban Five are trying to return back to the fight.

I had a big issue back when this happened with what happened In the Rose Garden. If you remember President Obama stood by with an approving smile when Robert Bergdahl spoke the Bismallah in Arabic, which say “In (or with) the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.” Remember also that Obama speaks Arabic so he know what had been said.

The Bismallah precedes every chapter in the Qur’an except one. This is lifting up Allah as being the source of all benefits and being merciful. I hope you don’t miss the hypocrisy of this statement in light of the merciless religion of which he is the god.

As I said before, it is amazing that the Obama regime still stands by its decision as a good one. Listen to the exchange between Meagan Kelly of Fox news with State Department spokes person Jen Psaki by clicking on this link:


The deadline for the Iranian nuclear talks is next Tuesday. The things that are being leaked on the agreement are not encouraging.

Yemen Civil War

I want to draw your attention to what is happening in Yemen. The Saudis and others have launched strikes against some of the rebel forces fighting in Yemen. This is BIG! This could be a game changer.

Just over 1/3 of the Yemen population is Shi’ite and 2/3 is Sunni. President Obama is a Sunni Muslim.

According to Al Jazera news Saudi Arabia said that a coalition consisting of 10 countries, including members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), had begun air strikes targeting Houthi positions in the capital, Sanaa. This was carried out by 100 jets from Saudi and its coalition. They have destroyed Iranian-made missile launchers in the capital Sanaa.

Remember Back in Feb. 11. The US Marines were disgraced and forced to flee the country and surrender their weapons to board a commercial flight out. This was due to the Houthi advances.

Who are the Houthi?

  • Houthis are members of a rebel group, also known as Ansar Allah (Partisans of God),
  • They adhere to a branch of Shia Islam known as Zaidism
  • They are backed by Iran

Although they are the minority they see an opportunity to take out a Sunni president.

Who is fighting whom?

Another group has showed up to oppose both President Hadi and the Houthis. It is al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). This is a Sunni Muslim group. This is a very viscous group and America has been fighting them for some time.

At the end of 2014 a another party joined the fight. This group is the one that gets most of the news today. It is ISIS.

This is not just a battle of Ideals…. It is a battle for strategic control. Yemen is strategically important because it sits on the Bab al-Mandab strait, a narrow waterway linking the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden, through which much of the world’s oil shipments pass. If they control this area they control the flow of wealth.

The Saudis, who are Sunni Muslims, have responded in an effort to take out the Shi’ites in Yemen. As a result of this response Iran has threatened bloodshed. Iran is the largest Shi’ite nation and there is no love lost between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Here is how it is shaping up…..

  • The United Arab Emirates is participating with 30 jets,
  • Bahrain with 12,
  • Qatar with 10,
  • Morocco and Jordan both with six,
  • Sudan offered three planes,
  • Saudi Arabia said that another four Muslim countries including Pakistan wanted to participate in the military coalition.
  • Kuwait’s defense ministry announced it was sending three squadrons of its F-18 Super Hornet aircraft to Saudi’s airbase in Dhahran
  • Four Egyptian war ships also entered the Suez Canal on Thursday en route to the Gulf of Aden

Things are really heating up in the Middle East. This will certainly be a distraction for Iran. It may have an effect on the State Department’s negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program.

While Iran has been negotiating with us, their supreme commander has been chanting “Death to America” before large crowds in Iran. How foolish can our government be? How can they negotiate with these people? How can this administration think we can trust Iran and that we can make a meaningful deal with them?

We don’t know what effect this will have in the war on terror and the Iranian nuclear deal but it could turn out to be good. Saudi Arabia rarely fights with anyone. They are usually good at getting us to fight their battles.

To say the least, these are interesting developments. We don’t yet know how things will work out, but we do know that it will divert some of Iran’s focus to deal with what is happening in Yemen.

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