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Christian Persecution In Great Britain

mike-overdUK Court threatens to Jail a preacher for reading an offensive Bible verse in Open air preaching.

There is an interesting story coming out of Great Britain. A Christian street preacher was today found guilty of using “threatening” language by quoting the Bible when speaking about homosexuality on the streets of Taunton in June last year.

A judge of the Magistrates’ Court convicted this preacher under section 5 of the Public Order Act, which concerns causing harassment, alarm or distress by using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

The judge at Bristol Crown Court told him that he should not have used the particular verse in the Bible – Leviticus 20:13 – because it uses the word “abomination”.

Overd was given a fine of £300, and told to pay £1,200in costs (a total of about $2,500) and compensation. This included a sum for the emotional harm caused to the homosexual man, who is also a Christian(?), to whom he was speaking when he quoted Leviticus.

Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

This verse is a condemnation of homosexuality. He did not quote the whole verse, he left out the part about being put to death.

Michael Overt said, “I am amazed that the judge sees it as his role to dictate which parts of the Bible can and can’t be preached… I did not quote the full text of Leviticus 20 or make reference to the death penalty, but the judge is telling me that I should use other parts of the Bible. This is not free speech but censorship. The judge is redacting the Bible.

He refused to pay saying the judgment is faulty. The judge threatened him with a 45 day jail sentence. He ended up paying the fine.

This judge is a Muslim and serves on an Islamic Shariah court. Islamic law holds the exact same position on homosexuality and this verse of the Bible. Muhammad taught that Leviticus was given to Moses by Allah. The only places Islam does not agree with the first five books of the Bible is where they say that the Jews corrupted them concerning the inheritance of Isaac and Ishmael.

Why don’t we hear from Muslims concerning homosexuality? Isn’t it ironic that a Muslim judge would come down on the side of the homosexuals? Christianity does not give the death penalty to homosexuals but Islam does.

The Muslims don’t speak out against homosexuality in the West because as it grows the birth rate declines. Muslims are trying to out grow non-Muslims. This is why they have large families. The average Muslim family will have 5 children per wife, meaning there could be up to 20 children in one Muslim family.

As we know, Islam does not give women any freedom. The Muslims in the West don’t speak out on the issue of women’s rights for the same reason they don’t speak out against homosexuality. They know that the more women have careers the less children they will have.

The Bible teaches that as we approach the end time there will be renewed persecution of Christians. What we see in this event is only the beginning. It will get worse.

Co*Pilot – Andeas Lubitz

I want to weigh in on this co-pilot who deliberately flew his plane into a mountainside in France killing 150 people. We are asking why? What would cause a person to do such a heinous thing? It is one thing if a person is depressed and wants to commit suicide, but why does he have to take 149 innocent people with him?

There are some reports coming out saying that he did it because he had converted to Islam. We don’t really know if these reports are accurate and I think we need more evidence before we jump to this conclusion. If that was his purpose, why didn’t he shout “Allahu Akbar” as the plane slammed into the mountain? If he was doing it for Allah this is what he would have done. It doesn’t follow the normal pattern for suicide attacks.

This story was published by the Gateway Pundit, which is usually good at checking out their sources, and I have found them to be trustworthy in the past. They quote a blog,, out of Germany

Apparently, during the 6 month period between his training and his being hired as a pilot, he converted to Islam and attended a radical mosque in Brenen. This is the same mosque where one of the 9/11 jihadists, Mohammad Atta, attended. There may be a connection, but my problem, as I said before, there was no “Allah Akbar.”

Another piece of evidence by Pamella Geller shows a screen shot of Lubitz’s Facebook page with an Arabic Allah on it. There may be something in this, but I want to know more before I draw any conclusions.

Other reports say he was mentally ill. Apparently some doctors have said he wasn’t fit for work because he was loosing eyesight. Reports say he was depressed because he had broken up with girlfriend.

One thing that is sure, Islam is a religion of death. Not only is Islam bent on killing those outside of Islam, it is also bent on killing those who follow Islam. Islam is a culture of death that celebrates death. Death is something that is hoped for. The Muslim Brotherhood creed says:

Muhammad is our prophet, Allah is our god, the Qur’an is our way, and death for Allah is our highest goal.

A Muslims greatest desire is to die for the sake of Allah. There are seven blessings promised to the martyr for Islam, including the only guarantee of Paradise for a Muslim.

Regardless of whether Lubitz did this for the cause of Islam, if he did have a fascination with death Islam would be attractive to him.

Starting tomorrow we will be looking at ISIS. You won’t want to miss this because you will learn all you need to know about the history and the rise of this terrorist group.

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