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Spring Share-A-Thon

OrdersI hope you had a great Easter. This is the highlight of our year as Christians. We always look forward to Christmas which celebrates the virgin birth of Christ. This is not what brings us salvation. What brings us salvation is the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

Jesus Christ is God in the flesh who came down and gave His life willingly for mankind. He showed His love for us by paying the debt we owed for our sins.

To prove He is God, to prove that He conquered death, to prove His ability to save, He rose from the grave. This proves that Jesus was more than just a man. We celebrated that wonderful event yesterday.

How great it is to remember that we have a living Saviour. No other religion can make this claim.

Today we start our Spring Share-A-Thon. Each spring we make an appeal to our listeners on the radio and to our readers. We are only able to stay on the air because of your support. This year our goal is $20,000. I believe this is a reachable goal. We didn’t reach our goal last year of $30,000 so we have adjusted  our budget and we are hoping we will be able to reach our goal this year.

We have a number of different campaigns that you have responded to in the past. I want to explain each one of them to you. We have some special gifts to say think you to those who give to help us reach this our goal this year.

You can join any of the following campaigns by calling us at 1-800-616-0082, or by sending a chieck to Fortress of Faith at P.O. Box 30485, Bellingham, WA 98228, or by clicking on the donate button above.

Sponsor a Day

The first campaign is Sponsor a Day. If we had 100 people who could give $200 to support one day’s broadcasting costs we would reach our goal. If you want to join this campaign and can’t give the $200 all at once but could give it over the next four months at $50 per month you would qualify for this campaign.

We have a gift for those who give to this campaign during our  Share-a-Thon. We are a small ministry and don’t have the funds to pay for large promotional gifts but this year Dr. Harding is supporting our ministry by allowing us to give out his DVD on the Barbary Pirate Wars. This DVD covers the first foreign war America ever fought. This war was against Islam. This war was in the late 1700’s. Our struggle against Islam did not start with the destruction of the Twin Towers, it goes all the way back to the beginning of our nation.This DVD restores an important part of our history which has been forgotten.

We want to give this DVD to all of you who will join our Sponsor a Day campaign during this shara-a-thon. We will give you this gift whether you give $200 in one gift or split it up into four $50 payments.

Those who join this campaign will also receive our new monthly newsletter. This will cover political and Islamic issues and events around the world that that affect us here in North America. We plan to have our first issue out in May.

CD Club

Another campaign some of you participate it is our CD Club. The CD Club is giving $40 per month and we send you a CD of our one hour Saturday program each week.

Those who join our CD Club will receive the newsletter we mentioned above. If you are already in the CD Club you will also receive this gift.

Army of Ten

The Army of Ten is an army of people who support this ministry at $10 per month. If we have an army of people who will support our ministry at $10 per month it will allow us to continue and to grow our ministry.

If you join our Army of Ten, or if you already are a member, you will also receive our newsletter. If we have your mailing address we will send it to you by mail. If we don’t have your mailing address we will send it to you by email. We must have either your mailing address or your email address or we can’t send this to you.

What Your Support Helps Us Do

Your support enables us to take a stand against an evil ideology that is masquerading as a religion. The Bible warns us that there will be false teachers.

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”

This is exactly what Islam does. A so-called angel, claiming to be Gabriel, came to Muhammad claiming to give a message from God. It is a different message, a different Jesus, and gospel. Islam claims that it is a correction of the corruptions by the Jews and Christians. It is a false religion and we have the obligation as Christians to stand for the truth of God found in the Holy Bible.

Your support helps us to do this and to educate the saints across North America. We are now broadcasting on more than 240 Stations. We have to pay for the broadcast time on these station. Over the last four months I have received about a call a month from independent stations asking if they can play our broadcast for free on their stations. This shows the popularity of the material we are putting out. This is only possible because of your giving to support Fortress of Faith.

The second part of our ministry is engaging Muslims with the Gospel. Here is a testimony from one of our listeners in Ocala, FL. He said:

I have been listening to you on the radio and I have to be honest, before I started listening to you I hated Muslims. I wanted them all dead, I wanted them out of our country, I just hated Muslims. But I started listening to you dealing with the political issues and Islam and it changed by heart. You taught me and helped me realize it is not the Muslim. I, as a Christian, always felt bad about that, I knew there was something wrong, that I shouldn’t have that hate toward them, but it was there. You taught me that the issue is with Islam, that we don’t blame the Muslim. The Muslim is a victim, and that they need to be saved. Now I am praying for Muslims to be saved.

I have heard this a number of times from others as well. Because of your faithful support we are able to get the message out and change hearts. People are learning that the real enemy is Islam. They are learning that Muslims are the first victims of Islam and that they need to be rescued.

We go into churches that are in Muslim communities and teach how to take the Gospel to Muslims.As a result we have heard of more than 60 Muslims coming to Christ through the efforts of Fortress of Faith. It is your support that has allowed us to do this for nearly four years.

The third aspect of our ministry is to bring revival to America. Some may not agree with me, but I think that God still has the right and authority to judge nations. I believe that God cannot turn a blind eye to our sin. American cannot continue to do the things she is doing and expect God to bless her. He will judge us for our sin.

I believe that God is using Islam as an instrument of judgment upon America today. We can overcome this if we, as a nation, repent.

Again, it is your support that allows us to preach this message. May God bless you for it.

As most of  you know we have moved to the East Coast because there are more Muslim communities there. I will be back in Bellingham, WA this Saturday, April 11, We are having a fund-raising dinner, it is only $25. We would love the opportunity to share and talk with those of you in that area. It starts at 6:00 PM at the Supper Buffet on Meridian. This is in the same parking lot where Christ the King is located in Bellingham.

On Sunday, April 15th I am preaching at Bellingham Baptist Church in both the 10:00 and 11:00 AM services. The church is located at 2501 Orleans St. that is at the corner of Orleans and Alabama streets.

Finally, on Monday, April 20th I am going to be in Surrey, BC. We will be having a dinner at the Oriental Buffet. We will give more details as that gets closer.

We hope that those of you in the area will be able to join us at one of these events.

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