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ChristianityVsIslamBefore I talk about our Spring Share-A-Thon let’s look at some of the news items I have posted on our Facebook page.

British tribunals punishes a Christian for sharing her faith with a Muslim co-worker

A Christian lady was suspended for sharing her faith with a Muslim do-worker. Both of them had shared their faith with each other, but only the Christian was suspended. This is another example of the Cultural Jihad. Shariah does not permit Christians to evangelize Muslims. Freedom of religion is a ‘ONE WAY’ street in Islam. You are free to choose Islam and Islam alone.

The Christian  lady had given the Muslim woman a book on how a Muslim had seen the truth of Christianity and had converted. If I understand this correctly the problem came when the Muslim woman’s husband found out about this.

The Christian lady took this to an employment tribunal which found she had ‘bullied’ a Muslim colleague by praying for her and inviting her to church.

As Christians we want to share our faith with everyone, but when you are at work you are paid to do the work for which you were hired to do. Those who take time from their work to “witness” to co-workers are doing dishonest service to their employer. If you share the Gospel with your co-workers, do in on your time, not on your employer’s time. We are to honor God and not give the world a reason to accuse us.

The issue was not that this Christian lady had shared her faith while she was on the job, it was the fact that she had shared her faith with a Muslim. Great Britain is supposed to be a “Christian” nation and it is allowing Shariah law to trump British law.

We see this in many Western nations because Islam has instilled fear in our government officials. They know that if they don’t do as the Muslims want there will be consequences and very possibly violence.

This fear caused the tribunal to rule in favor of the Muslim and against the Christian. It is a shame that this is happening, but we are starting to see this kind of thing here in America also.

The Queen weighed in on the subject. Here is what she said:

Islamic extremism is one of the greatest menaces of the past 60 years.

Good for her, she knows what it is like to live under the threat of a tyrant who threatened England’s security back in the 1930’s and 40’s. Now she is seeing it again in the form of Islam.

147 killed by followers of Muhammad in Kenya

We also have a picture of some of the children killed in a school in Kenya. What was the crime of those killed? It was not that they had done anything to insult Islam, nor had they fought against Islam. Their crime was that they were not Muslims.

Today this is in Kenya but tomorrow it could be in our schools. We must get  our heads out of the sand and start looking at reality. There are a lot of lies being told and we need a voice to break through all the misinformation. This is what we are attempting to do at Fortress of Faith.

The truth about Islam is out there and our mission a Fortress of Faith is to give you a source where you can educate yourself concerning the real issues with this ideology. We are very careful to check out our sources to ensure that they are accurate. We don’t publish every conspiracy the you come across on the Internet. Fortress of Faith is only able to do this because of your support.

As most of you know, my background is in missions. I spent 29 years on the mission field. My father was a missionary and I was a missionary en England. I grew up watching England be taken over by Islam. England and the rest of Europe are in trouble because they did not see what was coming as Muslims became a larger part of their populations. It is coming here. I see the same things happening in America that happened in Europe. It is only a matter of time if we don’t take a stand now.

I truly believe that God is raising up Islam as a means of judgment because of our sins. I believe that if we repent and turn back to God, He will pull back His judgment.

Islam is a formidable enemy capable of destroying, even from within. Not only is Europe in trouble, I see Canada and the United States in trouble. God has called me back to my own country to warn us, to stand up and let people know the truth. If we don’t resist Islam it will destroy our Christian faith. The first item of news in this post shows a Christian lady who has been bared from speaking the truth to a Muslim.

Muslims are becoming the untouchables. They are being protected. You don’t have to watch the news very long to see examples of this here in America.

As we have said many times, we don’t blame Muslims for Islam, Muslims are the first victims of Islam. It is our desire to rescue Muslims from the hateful ideology of Islam. We want to see them come to Christ. Fortress of Faith teaches people how to go about reaching Muslims.

We need your financial and prayer support to accomplish this mission. We try to limit the times we appeal for your support. We are in our Spring Share-A-Thon. We only make this kind of appeal twice a year. We need to raise $20,000 at this time.

If you are able to support us with a $200 or more gift we have a DVD on the Barbary Powers Pirate War to say thank you. This DVD has been provided by Awake America. If you can’t give it in a one time gift, but you can give it in 4 instalments of $50 We will send you this DVD also.

This DVD deals with Americas first foreign war. In the late 1700’s we were attacked by Muslims. It was not an attack on our homeland, it was an attack in the Mediterranean Sea on our ships. Our fight with Islam is not new.

We also have our CD Club which is $40 per month. For this you will receive our weekly radio broadcasts on CD.

We also have our Army of Ten program. Our Army of Ten is where we have an army of people who support us at just $10 per month.

We will also add those who join any of these programs to our new Newsletter mailing list.

You can join any of the above campaigns by calling us at 1-800-616-0082, or by sending a chieck to Fortress of Faith at P.O. Box 30485, Bellingham, WA 98228, or by clicking on the donate button above.

I will be back in Bellingham, WA this Saturday, April 11, We are having a fund-raising dinner, it is only $25. We would love the opportunity to share and talk with those of you in that area. It starts at 6:00 PM at the Supper Buffet at 4151 Meridian in Bellingham. This is in the same parking lot where Christ the King is located in Bellingham.

On Sunday, April 15th I am preaching at Bellingham Baptist Church in both the 10:00 and 11:00 AM services. The church is located at 2501 Orleans St. that is at the corner of Orleans and Alabama streets.

Finally, on Monday, April 20th I am going to be in Surrey, BC. We will be having a dinner at the Oriental Buffet. We will give more details as that gets closer.

We hope that those of you in the area will be able to join us at one of these events.

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