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Creeping Shariah or a Slippery Slope to the Loss of our Religious Liberties.

OrdersRecently two judges have thrown out Muslim women from their courts because they were wearing their hijabs (head scarfs) in the court. One event led to a judge throwing a Muslim woman into jail for 10 days over her hijab.

The Associated Press reported that Lisa Valentine was attempting to go into the court room of Judge Keith Rollins of Douglasville, Georgia. The security officer ordered her to remove the hijab as all head gear is banned from the court. Lisa hurled vulgar language at the guard over the rule which led to being arrested and brought before Judge Rollins who sentenced her to 10 days in jail.

Eight days earlier the same judge had an incident with another Muslim woman wearing a hijab. Sabreen Abdulrahmaan stepped into Rollins court room for her son’s probation hearing. She was asked to remove her scarf to be in compliance with the dress code of the court. Sabreen refused and left.

This has prompted a review by the US department of justice and of course, the Council for American Islamic Relations weighed in saying, “It’s an issue of religious freedom, it’s an issue of access to the American legal system,” said Ibrahim Hooper, their national spokesperson.

North of the border in Montreal, Canada a similar event occurred where Judge Marengo was hearing the case of Rania El-Allou, a Muslim lady. Rania’s son was driving the family car without a license or insurance and the car was impounded. Rania went to court to get the car released. The judge asked her to remove her hijab but Rania refused citing her religious liberty. After a few warnings the judge refused to hear her case and dismissed it. The car is still impounded.

Should Christians rejoice over this or should we be concerned? Is this a problem for religious liberties? If Judges can require Muslims to break their deeply held beliefs, they can do this to other faiths too. What if a Catholic nun were to need access to these courts, would the nun be forced to remove her habit? What about a Jew, would he be refused his religious liberty to wear his Kippah?

The hijab is uncustomary in many parts of America and it symbolizes many things to the average American. It symbolizes a religion that oppresses women by forcing them to cover up what God calls her glory (I Cor 11:5). The Hijab also symbolizes a religion of Jihad.

Today, the courts are not recognizing religious liberties for head coverings, tomorrow it could be something of greater value to people of faith. Is this a slippery slope that we should be concerned about?

Here is another question, does Islam deserve special consideration? I say YES!

Islam should be treated differently and held to a different standard. Now don’t tune me out. Hear why I am saying Yes! Not all things are equal. Some religions are superior to others. The Bible claims exclusivity in the Gospel of John 14:6

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Islam should be held to a different standard as it is inferior on many points.

At, we have documented many times that Islam is simply an ideology that masquerades as a religion. Consider this, if Hitler and Nazi’s did what they did in the name of a God, would it be less evil? Nazism was an evil destructive ideology which, by the way, is very similar to Islam on many fronts. Yet but because Islam has a deity attached to it, we give it refuge and advantages in our nation.

We do not blame Muslims for Islam just like we would not blame every German for Nazism. If America continues to give Islam succor and protection, this evil ideology, will destroy our most precious virtue, that being Liberty. Islam is at war with Liberty and therefore at war with America.

Islam means submission or surrender to Allah. Islam will not tolerate individual rights to choose who you worship. It forbids you to choose your government or who governs you. Islam chooses that for you and you are not permitted to speak freely. Freedom to speak, freedom to choose your faith, freedom to elect who will govern you is what has made this nation unique, blessed and powerful. Islam threatens this and it should be seen for what it is, an ideology masquerading as a religion and it should not be given a safe haven to sow its doctrines of destruction.

This is why Fortress of Faith exists, both on line and as a radio ministry. We exist to expose Islam and how it is structured to destroy our nation. We exist to educate Christians as to the true nature of this evil ideology.

There are things happening that I never dreamed I would be alive to see. In spite of all that is happening I believe that Jehovah God is still on the throne and that He is sovereign. I believe He can still save our nation and that He can protect us from this enemy.

I also believe that God is allowing this enemy to grow in the world, and especially here in the West. I believe that unless we repent of our sins and turn back to God that, Just as He did with Israel many times in the Old Testament, He will bring judgment upon us. I hope that you can see how desperate the situation is here in North America. We need your help to get this message out on the radio and the Internet.

We thank those of you who support this ministry and pray that God will bless you in return. We try to limit the times we make appeals for financial to support to a Spring Shara-A-Thon and a Fall Share-AThon. We are now in our Spring Shara-A-Thon. Our goal is to raise $20,000. On our first day we have had about $1,700 come in and we praise the Lord for this. We will give you an update later in the week, but we still have a long way to go. Maybe you can help us today with a donation.

We have some campaigns that we are running.

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This DVD deals with Americas first foreign war. In the late 1700’s we were attacked by Muslims. It was not an attack on our homeland, it was an attack in the Mediterranean Sea on our ships. Our fight with Islam is not new.

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