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Iran Nuclear Deal

bombLet me ask you a question. Do you believe that a war with Iran is likely sometime down the line? Does it not seem that they are biding their time to get nuclear weapons and what they are doing is just a delay tactic? In stead of trying to stop them from getting the bomb, it seems like the international community is just trying to slow them down. We tried this with North Korea and look at what happened.

When these nations are bent on getting a nuclear weapon they will lie, cheat, and do everything they can to get it. They will make deals just go give themselves some breathing room. but they are determined to get the bomb. I think Israel is certainly a target, but so is the West, including America.

I don’t think there are any diplomatic moves we can make to stop them simply because the Iranian mind, they are Shi’ite Muslims, and they are convinced that their messiah will come as a result of a war with Israel. They also believe that when their messiah and Isa, the Muslim Jesus, returns they will destroy all of the remaining Christians and Jews that will not repent and turn to Islam.

Shi’ite Muslims are very bent on seeing prophecy come to pass. I don’t think there is anything we could ever do to get them to change their ways. Here is a question I have. Are we making the same mistake that was made with Hitler? He was breaking the treaties that were made after WWI. It was obvious that he was building an army and weapons. The world thought that the best way to deal it it was appeasement. No one wants war. They couldn’t afford it, they were broke. They were war-weary. They tried to negotiate peace. Did it work? Negotiations never work with a bully.

When the bullies of the world see weakness from the other side they see opportunity. We have been communicating the wrong message. We have been communicating weakness.

Since it is inevitable that there is going to be a war, would it be wise for Israel to attack Iran while they are still vulnerable? Wouldn’t it make more sense to attack before they have the ability to use nuclear weapons? I think this would be in Israel’s best interest. I think the Prime Minister Netanyahu understands this. He sees weakness and unwillingness to stop Iran in Europe and America to stop Iran’s advance toward a nuclear weapon. I think that Iran sees an opportunity while Obama is in power to strike Israel even if they don’t get the bomb. They know that they are not likely to get retaliation from America.

If you have any thoughts on this send me an email at [email protected] .com.

I want to share a story coming out of Peoria Il. Two Muslim men refused to transport alcohol because of their religious beliefs. Because of their refusal they were fired from the trucking company. The U.S. Equal Opportunity commission sued the trucking company, Star Transport, Inc. for violating the religious rights of these Muslims. Many Christians are against alcoholic beverages also. I wonder it the government would get involved if these two men were Christians? I am, by the way, one of those Christians who believe that the Bible forbids drinking of alcoholic beverages.

You know that the government would not jump in if these men were Christians. Christians are the only group in America that can be discriminated against with impunity. You only have to look at what is happening with bakers and photographers when they, for religious beliefs, refused to participate in homosexual weddings.

When a Muslim bakery refuses to bake a cake for a gay wedding the media doesn’t think it is news worthy and he government doesn’t get involved. Here is proof.

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