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A Muslim Political Party In The US

Before I get into the news I want to tell you how much of a blessing you are to this ministry. We started just over 4 years ago on one small station, KARI, in Blaine, WA. Blaine is just a stone’s throw from the Canadian border. Our home church is in Bellingham, WA. It is amazing how God has blessed and developed this ministry.

One thing that has not changed is that from day one every day has been a step of faith. It has been amazing to watch God work to bring us to where we are today.

We got started because one of the men in our church said that if we would take this message to the radio he would support the first two months. We put  out the appeal to our listeners and they provided for us to go for another month. At the end of that month there was enough to go on for another month. This continued for about 6 rt 7 months and then God sent a very generous donor who had the means to get us over the hump. We began to expand and now we are on more than 240 radio stations across America and Canada. We had no promises from this donor and we knew that he was elderly and had health problems. We didn’t know how long his support would continue, but it was a tremendous blessing to this ministry.  Like all good things, it has come to an end. The  loss of this support has made an impact on our ministry.We believe that God has called us to this ministry and when God calls, He supplies.

Here is a testimony from one of our listeners:

When I started listening to you, Brother Wallace, I used to hate Muslims and I didn’t want them in my community. I was afraid of them and I realized that my fear was placed in the wrong area. You helped me see that it is Islam. Islam is the issue, and the Muslim, we need to love, we need to have compassion and pray for them and take the Gospel to them.

I have heard this so many times. It thrills my heart to learn that we have been changing hearts and educating people.

Your support has allowed us to get on American Family Radio and now we are, as I said before, on more than 240 stations. We now have some independent stations coming to us as asking if they can air our program. Some church supported stations have even offered us free air time. For the most part it takes a truck load of money to stay on the air. We are so grateful for your support, with out it we cannot do what we do.

We try to limit the times we appeal to you for support to our Spring and Fall Share-A-Tnon and it is now Spring so we are asking our listeners and  our readers for help. Our goal is to raise $20,000 this month to help with the cost of our air time.

Maybe God has blessed you with means and you see the seriousness and importance of this ministry. Maybe you see the threat of Islam to our security, our freedoms, and our way of life. Maybe God has blessed you in such a way that you would like to use some of what He has given you to support this ministry.

It is estimated that by the year 2040 there will be as many Muslims in the world as their are Christians. There are 2.2 billion who call themselves Christians and 1.7 billion Muslims in the world today.

Islam will destroy our liberties. Islam is an equal opportunity destroyer. It not only destroys those who are outside of Islam, it destroys those who are within also. I don’t have time to lay this out, but just look at every nation where Islam is dominant and you will see the truth of this.

Fortress of faith is experiencing a financial challenge at this time and we need your help. We know that God will supply, but we know He will supply it through His people.

You can join any of our support campaigns by calling us at 1-800-616-0082, or by sending a chieck to Fortress of Faith at P.O. Box 30485, Bellingham, WA 98228, or by clicking on the donate button above.

I will be back in Bellingham, WA this Saturday, April 11, We are having a fund-raising dinner, it is only $25. We would love the opportunity to share and talk with those of you in that area. It starts at 6:00 PM at the Supper Buffet at 4151 Meridian in Bellingham. This is in the same parking lot where Christ the King is located in Bellingham.

On Sunday, April 15th I am preaching at Bellingham Baptist Church in all three of the services, 10:00, 11:00 AM, and 6:00 PM. The church is located at 2501 Orleans St. that is at the corner of Orleans and Alabama streets.

Finally, on Monday, April 20th I am going to be in Surrey, BC. We will be having a dinner at the Oriental Buffet on 101st Ave.

We hope that those of you in the area will be able to join us at one of these events.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Found Guilty

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty on all 30 counts in 2013 Boston marathon bombing case

Imagine praising a son who murdered people, including an eight-year-old boy in a horrific manner, for the crime of being American and watching a footrace. Here is what Tsarnaev’s mother had to say:

Americans are terrorists, my son is the best.

I am torn on whether or not I want to see the death penalty on this. If he gets the death penalty he will think he is going to receive the martyr’s reward of 70 virgins, etc. Boy will he be surprised. His mother has an interest in this also. There are several benefits for the martyr. It is the only guarantee Muslims have of getting into Paradise. The mother’s interest is that the martyr gets to intercede for 70 family members to get them into Paradise also.

Islam’s focus is on death. Death to them is a great honor if it is in jihad for Allah.

A Muslim Political Party in America

The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) will spend Monday and Tuesday of next week on Capitol Hill setting up the first national Muslim political party in America. They actually set up the framework back in June 2014.

Guess who is behind this? It probably won’t surprise you that it is the Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR that are working to get this party up and running.

This is not the first time the Muslim Brotherhood has done this. In Egypt they made themselves look respectable so they could win elections. They succeeded, with the encouragement of President Obama, to get their candidate, Morsi, elected. True to the character of the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi stated usurping powers for himself that were not his to hole.  Fortunately the people rose up and overthrew Morsi.

This is a pattern for the Muslim Brotherhood. They move to take over governments and change countries from within. They told us they were going to do this in a memorandum found by the FBI.

We already have two Muslims in Congress. The goal of this new party is to get enough Muslims in Congress to influence the voting process. We need to be aware of what is going on around us and take action to counter this attempt to take over our nation from within.

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