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Islam, the Anti-Christ Religion – Part 4

IslamicAntichristToday we are continuing our look at Islam as the antichrist religion. Yesterday we started looking at how the people of end-time prophecy in Islam are the exact opposite of those of Biblical prophecy. The Islamic messiah is the Biblical antichrist and the Biblical Messiah is the Islamic antichrist.

Christians may be surprised to know that Islam also has scripture talking about future events. They believe in an antichrist, their messiah (Mahdi), and they are waiting for Jesus (Isa) to return. Isa is not going to be the messiah, he will be subservient to the Islamic Mahdi. He will do those things that the biblical false prophet will do. As I study Islamic prophecy it is like putting my Bible up to a mirror, everything is reversed. The one we call the Antichrist is who Muslims call the Mahdi. They call our Messiah the Antichrist. The false prophet of Revelation seems to be the Muslim Isa (Jesus).

In Islam they believe in a false messiah (D’Jal). This false messiah will teach that he is god, that he has a father and is a son. Their D’Jal is exact description of the true Jesus of the Bible. Think about this; our Messiah is their Antichrist and their messiah is our Antichrist.

The word “ Mahdi” means the guided one in Arabic. He will come to guide the world into Islam. They believe that he will rid the world of all false systems and establish an Islamic caliphate under Sharia Law.

The Mahdi will establish a peace, and will later break that peace just as Muhammad did time and time again. We are not making this up, this is taught in Islamic teachings on the last days.

Islam teaches that Isa is not coming back as a ruler. Here are some of his characteristics:

  1. He will be a Muslim
  2. He will be subordinate to the Mahdi

The Messenger of Allah said: A section of my people will not cease fighting for the truth and will prevail until the Day of resurrection. He said: Jesus son of Mary would then descend and their [Muslims’] commander [the Mahdi] would invite him to come and lead them in prayer, but he would say: No, some amongst you are commanders over some. Sahih Muslim,Book 001, Number 0293,Narrated by Jabir bin ‘Abdullah

Islam has a messiah that resembles our antichrist, an antichrist who resembles our Messiah, and a Jesus who resembles our false prophet. The evidence is forcing us to conclude that Islam fits perfectly what the Bible teaches concerning the false religious system of the last days.

I am going to stop here because I want to take a look at some news from Saudi Arabia. A 19 year old lady was gang rapped. The Saudi government sentenced here to jail and 90 lashes. Because she spoke out against it and went to the press, the government came back and ordered another 200 lashes and a 6 month jail sentence.

She couldn’t prove her case because she didn’t have the number of witnesses required by Sharia Law. Nothing happened to the men involved. This is Islam.

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