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While America Fails, Britain Is Waking Up

America’s Failure To Respond To Islam

Retired Admiral Ace Lyons who commanded the world’s largest naval fleet, the Pacific Fleet, had some things to say about America’s failure in dealing with the Islam issue. He tells us that we had many opportunities to deal with this problem. He had some very interesting things at the end so listen to what he said.

Notice that he blames both Democrats and Republicans. He said something that I have been talking about for a long time.

“Untill you realize that Islam is a Political Movement Masquerading as a Religion your never going to come to grips with it.”

He also said that Islam is Islam, there are no modifiers. There is no radical Islam and no moderate Islam, there is simply Islam.

Near the end of his remarks he gave us the Obama strategy:

“The Obama strategy is….
Anti American
Anti Western
Pro Islamic
Pro Iranian
Pro Muslim Brotherhood.”

Here is a man that is in the know, a man who has tried to deal with the problem, and he says what we have been saying for some time. We have even shown that the largest newspaper in Egypt has produced credible evidence that Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the most important things that he said is that you don’t have to be that smart to figure this out. The evidence is all around us for those who have their eyes open.

We need to hear from leaders like this man. If we had more of them we might be able to save the world from the rise of Islam.

I want to say a big “THANK YOU” to Admiral Lyons. He is retired and could be living a life of ease. Instead he has rolled up his sleeves and has joined the fight against the evil that is facing the world today.

Our government has for some time tried the strategy of appeasement against the rise of Islam and look where it has brought us. It didn’t work in the 1930’s against Hitler and it won’t work now against Islam!

Great Britain May Be Waking Up

Britain is in a general election. The conservative party is now in control of Parliament and David Cameron is their Prime Minister. In their effort for re-election they are making some pledges and promising to make some changes.

I have been very critical of Theresa May, the British Home Secretary. She is finally saying the right things. She has said to the Islamists, “The game is up.” Here are some of the things they are  promising to do if re-elected:

  • To ban and kick out of their country Islamic hate preachers
  • To shut down extremist mosques
  • To review whether Sharia courts in England and Wales are compatible with British values.
  • To crack down on Islamic extremism in British prisons,
  • To monitor how police are responding to so-called honor crimes like female genital mutilation and forced marriage
  • To change the citizenship law to ensure that successful applicants respect British values.

It is good that we are hearing this kind of thing, but we have heard tough talk from David Cameron before. I was excited when, in 2010, he, and other European leaders started speaking out against multiculturalism. They were admitting that the problem was with Muslims and their refusal to assimilate into the society of the Western nations they chose to call home. They started saying the right things but that talk was not followed up by action.

The only leader who did something about the problem was French President Sarkozy. It cost him his job because the Muslims rose up against him. It is good to see some leaders waking up but I fear that it may be too late.

In America we have something going for us that other countries don’t have. We have our Constitution and our bill of rights. Our rights of freedom of speech and religion are not enjoyed by other Western nations. You can ask our neighbors to the north and see how free they are to speak up against things like homosexuality and Islam. Great Britain is finally saying they will do something about the hate speech coming from Islam.

The Islamic problem is growing in America but there is a legal way to get Islam out of our country without harming our religious freedom. We will talk about this in a future article.

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