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Islam’s Trojan Horse In America – Part 3

Muslim_Brotherhood_LogoCAIR was founded by two men from the IAP, the Islamic Association of Palestine. They came to America and put on their suits. They sound and look very American, and claim to be “moderates.” In the beginning they said they were against Shariah and jihad, but now their tone has changed.

In a meeting on July 4th, 2006(?) in a speech to Muslims said:

Islam is not in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an, (the Muslim book of scripture} should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.

Muslims institutions, schools, and economic power should be strengthened in America. Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting into it.

Muslims are to live in America without assimilating into American society. They are to build their numbers to the point where they can influence society. The idea is that one day they will be able to take over America from within.

Muslims are entering into Western nations and refusing to integrate. They are working to overthrow nations by infiltration and taking over their institutions. Their goal is Shariah Law, the Qur’an, and the elimination of any other religion.

David Gaubatz has written a book called “Muslim Mafia.” He is a counter intelligence specialist who worked for the government. Obama wouldn’t allow profiling and asking if the religion of the terrorist being Islam might have something to do with what they were doing? When David retired (read thrown out by the Obama administration) he began, as a private citizen, to train three people to pose as Muslims and join CAIR. These people joined CAIR as volunteer workers.

They were given the job of destroying sensitive documents. They were given one of those shredders that you put on the top of a wastebasket. There were more than 25,000 documents. One of them asked if they could take the documents to Staples because they could shred them much faster that way.

In stead of going to the shredder, these documents went to David Gaubatz’s garage. They then poured through these documents. These documents linked CAIR to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. They revealed their funding methods, their strategies, etc. He turned these over to the government.

The day that the book was to be released CAIR went to court to order a stay to keep the book from being released. They also petitioned the court for the return of their documents. Once CAIR had given permission to take the documents out of their facilities, they were no longer theirs. Within the fine lines of the law, David and his helpers broke no laws.

The judge warned them and asked them to rethink what they were asking for. He told them that if they carried through their petition they were admitting that these documents were theirs. They then withdrew their request. They realized that this request would confirm their guilt and make them criminally liable for funding and supporting foreign terrorist groups.

We are starting to see some things that should really concern us happening in the North West. As background let me say that there is an initiative called American Laws for American Courts which we have been behind. It is designed specifically to keep Sharia Law out of our courts. There are 11 or 12 states which have passed this initiative. These states are protected, but the majority of the states are not. This is a well devised piece of legislation to keep Shariah out of our courts.

CAIR has been holding rallies at the State Capital in Washington State on Martin Luther King day, making it a Muslim holiday. Last year the Governor legitimized this effort by attending the rally.

Shahram has been meeting with the legislators in Idaho informing them on Shariah law and the things that are happening to get it accepted in our courts. He has been informing them on why we must not only ban Shariah, but also ban any foreign law in our court system.

The day after Shahram presented this information to the Idaho legislators he was in the office of one Idaho State Senator and a call came in about a bill that had just passed the State Senate that morning. It was a child support law and it was opening the door for foreign law. Fortunately we got the bill stopped in the State House Committee.

This bill passed the Senate 34 to 0 because it was under the auspices of human trafficking. It was dealing with parents who don’t pay their support, parenting, and child custody issues. It was presented as bringing Idaho into compliance with federal laws. It was really more than that. Its real purpose was to bring Idaho in compliance with the United Nations agenda.

Idaho already had laws covering these things. All of the changes had to do with adding wording like foreign country, foreign tribunal, and foreign law. The whole purpose for the bill was to open Idaho courts to accepting foreign law in making legal judgments. This law would have removed the protection of the Idaho and US Constitutions.

At first the house committee was going to simply table the bill. The governor of Idaho demanded that the bill be heard. He had no jurisdiction to make this demand, but maybe he is taking a page out of the Federal government’s play book. Idaho is a Republican state with Republicans controlling both houses and with a Republican governor. The bill finally came to a vote at 2:00 am Saturday and the vote tabled the bill until next year. The vote was 9 to 8.

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