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The Hidden Agenda of Islam Immigration into America – Part 2

obama-with-muslimsToday we are continuing our discussion on the hidden agenda of Islamic immigration into America. The Obama Administration has been ignoring the peril of the Christians being persecuted and killed in the Middle East while increasing the number of Muslim refugees coming here.

Leo Hohmann has revealed a report of 190 communities that have been targeted for dumping Muslim refugees. He has written a number of articles on this subject. You can find them on World Net Daily.

Leo was led to investigate this situation by a cryptic email he received while doing research on the children from Central America crossing our southern border. The email said that as bad as the illegal immigration across our southern border is, he should do some research on the government’s policy for bringing in Muslim refugees through legal immigration. .

The refugee program is done through a lot of religious and non-profit charities. You will notice this if you look at the report on the 190 communities mentioned above. These organizations receive federal funds and profit from the refugee situation.

Two things he discovered is that this is through the United Nations and through an executive order by President Obama. The communities represent about 100 US cities. There are nine non-governmental resettlement agencies that are funded by the government. From 70-90% of the funding for these agencies comes from government grants. These agencies are contracted by the government to resettle refugees and they in turn sub-contract non-profit groups like church organizations.

There are about 100,000 predominately Muslim immigrants coming into our country every year. About 30 to 40 thousand of these are refugees and are not coming in like normal immigrants who go through a process of verification. Those who are not refugees are coming in through employment based programs which give temporary work visas, student visas which allow them to stay for six years and can be renewed. They are coming mostly from Muslim countries.

The majority of the charities sponsoring these refugees are Christian or Jewish. These groups get a fee on a per-head basis. This means the more refugees they bring in, the greater their bottom line.

The local officials that are friendly toward this kind of immigration will usually be brought into the loop sooner than those who are not. Those who ask the hard questions like what is going to be the impact on our community and our school system will not be brought into the loop.

There are some grass roots organizations springing up to oppose this program. One example is in Spartanburg, SC. It sprung up as soon as the word got out that refugees were going to be dumped in their community without and consideration to the effect it would have. They are having a hard time getting answers to their questions.

This group in Spartanburg has Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee responsible for the refugee resettlement program, as their congressman. He can’t even get the answers to questions on this program. The letter he sent to John Kerry had 17 questions and he has not yet received any response.

President Obama is very sympathetic to Islam and shows great disdain toward Christians. He has done little to stop the slaughter and persecutions of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. From his actions and statements we can only deduce that Obama has some malice toward Christians here in the US. What better way to dilute the Christian and Jewish elements of our nation than to bring in mass numbers of Muslims through this program?

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Updated: April 28, 2015 — 10:23 AM
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