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The Hidden Agenda of Islam Immigration into America – Part 4

obama-with-muslimsToday we will finish this series on the Obama administration’s efforts to bring in Muslim refugees to change the fabric our our nation. 

In Iraq our military personnel were able to inspect the police and intelligence records of those who sought refugee status. Even with this there were some jihadists who were able to come in through this program. There were two men arrested in Kentucky for sending money and equipment to Al Quaeda who came here as Iraqi refugees. It has been much worse with the Somali refugee program. We have seen scores of Somali refugees who ended up sending money and equipment to terrorist groups in Somalia. We have also seen many Somalis leave he US to go fight for ISIS. The Somali refugee program predates the Obama administration. It has been going on for 25 years.

We need to understand that we are talking about legal immigration. The illegal immigration is just a smoke screen to keep our eyes off of this legal immigration of Muslims. The total of illegal immigrants coming into America annually is a couple of hundred thousands. The total legal immigrants is just over one million annually.

There is a great cost for what we are doing. The acknowledged cost for the refugee program is one billion dollars a year. Some experts say that this is vastly underestimated because it doesn’t consider the contractors and sub-contrasters I mentioned earlier. It could be as high as 5 to 10 billion dollars per year.

These estimates don’t include the costs on the local economies. Things like schools, decline in property values, and other things that come from these massive dumps of refugees into communities.

There are many disturbing facts in what we are looking at today. The FBI says we cannot know who is coming in through this refugee program. Local officials, and even congress people can’t get answers to their questions. The cost is staggering.

Although we the evidence is only circumstantial, we believe that this is part of a plan to transform America and turn it into an Islamic state.

I want to give you the link again to the 190 communities that have been targeted so far. Directory Posting/FY 2014 Affiliate Directory/21Nov14_Public Affiliate directory.pdf

Look at this list to see if your community is listed. If it is contact your local officials, your state representatives, and your congressmen and senators and start demanding transparency on this issue. We want to know who is coming into our communities. As citizens of this nation we have a right to know what is happening.

It is difficult to understand why a Marxist like Cecilia Muñoz is heading up such an important program. President Obama surrounds himself with every extremist left-wing radical he can find.

We can certainly say that President Obama has done everything he can to live up to his promise to fundamentally transform America. We only have the voters of America to blame for this situation. Some Christians did not vote in the last presidential election because they said they could not vote for a Mormon. When such a small portion of evangelical Christians vote they allow this agenda to be foisted on America.

Those who voted for Obama are socialists and you have no idea what you have done America. I get angry when I think about these things.

The freedoms we enjoy in this nation will be lost if we allow this to continue. The conservatives are not the only ones who will loose their freedoms, the liberals will actually loose more. Do you really think if Islam takes over this nation that the atheists, the gay rights people, and the environmentalists will not be destroyed by Islamic Shariah Law?

We know that God has allowed this situation. This is God’s judgment on America for our turning our backs on Him. He made this nation great because we respected His precepts. Our only hope is that, as a nation, we turn back to Him.

Franklin Graham had some comments on the killing of Christians by the terrorists.

Europe has tried to be a melting pot and allow Muslims to come in hoping they would integrate into their societies. It has not worked for them and it will not work for us. Franklin Graham has said we should halt Muslim immigration. I believe that we must severely limit it and investigate Muslim immigrants more throughly before allowing them to come. We must completely stop the refugee program until there can be more scrutiny and more transparency.

We all need to put pressure our congressmen to stop this influx of Muslim refugees. Congress is constitutionally charged with setting immigration policy, not the executive branch. The President has no constitutional authority to do what Obama is doing.

We are supposed to be a nation of laws. This is lawlessness and it must be stopped.

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