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Will The Real Prophet Please Stand Up – Part 2

MuhammadToday we are continuing to discuss the subject of Islam’s true color. Muslims are commanded to follow the example of their Prophet, Muhammad so we are looking at him and his example.

The Red Corner

On one side of the battle within Islam are groups like ISIS, Boca Haram, . Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others. We are being told that these are not the true face of Islam.

These groups are involved in jihad, in the killing of apostates, Christians, Jews, and moderate Muslims. They are taking child brides, sex slaves, beheading those who don’t agree with them, etc.

ISIS has declared that it is the caliphate. They are establishing the Islamic one world order. They are in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and have other groups around the world who have sworn allegiance to them. They are even in America. The recent threat that ISIS gave to US military personnel is real. They have even put out a hit list of those they are targeting.

The Obama administration is saying that these groups do not represent true Islam. The groups, themselves, say that they are simply following the teachings of Islam. The question is, which of them is right?

Shahram says that the more he looked at the acts of Muhammad, the more he looked at the things being done in the name of Islam, the more apparent it became that this could not come from the true God. He believes that this was the Holy Spirit at work to bring him to Christ.

To come to a proper answer to our question we must look at the actions of Muhammad. We must look at what he said, did, and lived because he is the only one who received revelation and enlightenment from the angel. Islam rises and falls, lives and dies, with Muhammad.

The Blue Corner

On the other side of this battle within Islam we have the reformers, the moderates. These people are trying to reform Islam into something new.

The Egyptian President. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, is a reformer. There is a recent article highlighting some things that have come from el-Sisi.

There is a reformer we see often on Fox News, Dr. Zudi Jasser. He is the president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. He paints himself as a moderate, he is against jihad, he is against violence, he is for the freedom of religion, the freedom to choose, etc. He served as a Navy doctor for 11 years. He is an educated, intelligent man and a leader in the reform movement.

There is also the Muslim Canadian Congress which is headed by Tarek Fatah. He believes that Islam is a religion of peace and he preaches this message.

Another person we see from time to time on the news is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She has written a few books and has suffered much as a Muslim woman. She is under a constant threat of death because she has had the audacity to speak out against the violence of Islam and condemn it. She is calling for reform. Her latest book is “Heretic, Why Islam needs a reformation now.” Unlike the others, Ayaan doesn’t like the term moderate. Those who call themselves moderates are really reformers.

There is a portion of Islam that is tired of the fighting and just wants to live in peace. They hear that Christianity had a reformation, but they have no idea what that means. They think that it means that Christianity was violent with things like the Inquisition and that after the reformation there was peace. They think Christianity was changed from what it originally was into something new. They think that Islam can do the same thing.

They do not understand that the Christian Reformation was an attempt to return to original Christianity. Christianity had been perverted and there was a return to the Scriptures. The violence of the perverted, per-Reformation Christianity was not found in the Christian Scriptures. Biblical Christianity is, by nature, peaceful.

The reformers are inventing a new Islam after their own imagination. They are changing it into something it never was but what they want it to be. There are passages in the Qur’an that support this argument. These passages are from the early days of Islam. They are from the time when Islam had no power to force others into Islam. Muhammad actually borrowed a lot of these from our Bible.

You can split the Qur’an into two parts, the Meccan passages and the Medinan passages. The meccan verses were peaceful, in fact one verse says “There is no compulsion in religion.”

Later passages say things like “Fight them who believe not.” Now we have a conflict between two passage in the Qur’an. This is where the doctrine of abrogation comes in to play.

These are the two sides in the battle. There are the jihadists and the reformers. There are also those outside of Islam who are involved in the battle. These are the propagandists. They include the Obama administration, many churches, etc. These may be the most dangerous because they are trying to deflect attention from the jihadists. They are trying to hide the true nature of Islam.

To understand this we must look at the Prophet of Islam. The revelation in the Bible came through a number of men. Each one confirms what the others say. We know that the Bible is true because when we use proper methods of interpretation and keep everything in context we find no contradictions. The Qur’an came through one man and there is no way to confirm the truth of his teachings.

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