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Islam’s Attack On Free Speech – Part 3

free-speech-banBefore we continue with our subject of Islam’s war on free speech I would like to look at some news concerning the 242 Christian hostages from a city in northern Syria taken by ISIS. According to Bishop Mar Mellis, ISIS is demanding 242 million dollars in ransom. They are holding 93 women, 51 children, and 98 men.

The negotiations between the Syrian church and ISIS have failed and ISIS has said they will be brought to the Sharia tribunal. This means that the women and children will most likely be sold into slavery and the men will most likely be killed.

This is the true face of Islam. They are carrying out Muhammad’s orders and if we don’t stand up against it, it is coming here.

Now lets get to the main subject for today.

The ISIS Link

ISIS is claiming responsibility for this attack. ISIS has been promising attacks in America for some time. There have been messages on the Internet threating the families of military personnel. We have known for the last couple of months that ISIS has training camps in Mexico working with the Mexican drug cartels. These facts come from our government.

The two Muslim terrorist in this event are linked to another man, Abu Hussain Al Britani, who has been linked to ISIS. Al Britani tweeted:

They showed their love for the Prophet Muhammad by sacrificing their lives for his honor.”

The brothers in Texas may have had no experience in shooting, but they were quick to defend the honor of the Prophet Muhammad.”

There is another link to ISIS through a man who has been recruiting for Al Shabaab and ISIS. He was encouraging Muslims to “slaughter people within the US.”

These fact are what makes the media coverage and the silence from the White House so outrageous. Evidence seems to point to the fact that this is the first ISIS attack on American soil. Would the media coverage have been different if the attack had been successful? I really don’t know.

It is clear from the background of the terrorists and from their ties to Islam that they were jihadists. They were defending the honor of Muhammad and we have very strong evidence that they were tied to ISIS. ISIS even took credit for the attack on their TV show.

The fact that this attack was not successful means that ISIS will learn and adapt before their next attack. We need to raise our level of awareness and of security.

Fox News reports that ISIS has communicated the fact that they have 71 “trained soldiers” in the United States. Twenty three of them have signed up for missions like the one in Garland. They claim to be in 15 states. They named 5 of the states; Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan.

This makes the presumed first attack by ISIS in America a major event. Why is the White House silent on this?

Even if this wasn’t ISIS, it is something we need to pay attention to. If it was ISIS, it was a failed attack. The attackers didn’t get 10 steps from their car. ISIS will learn from this and adapt their strategy before the next one. This attack was an embarrassment to them and the will try in the very near future to redeem themselves.

Those who would dismiss this attack because it failed are making a big mistake. This was an attack by a homegrown terrorist. There are many reports of ISIS recruiting here in America. This is serious business.

Why is YouTube allowing videos teaching how to make bombs? Why is Twitter allowing the recruitment messages to go out? Why does Facebook allow their recruitment pages?

Go Fund Me is an on-line fund-raising site that has taken down the site of the Christian baker in Oregon and the florist in Washington State. Why can’t the social media sites stop the on-line recruitment by Muslims?

Our constitution and the Bible give us the right to take up arms to defend ourselves. Our government is trying to disarm our law-abiding citizens, yet it is doing nothing to disarm the Islamic terrorists.

Shahram and I receive threats because of what we do. Please keep us and our families in your prayers. We will continue to preach the truth in love no matter the cost.

Praise God that we have the true Gospel that Jesus died for us and we don’t have to go out and die for our God. However, if God sees fit to allow us to die in His cause, we will not flinch. We don’t have to die for our salvation like the Muslims do for theirs, but we will die if necessary for our God.

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