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The Hidden Agenda of Islam Immigration into America – Part 3

obama-with-muslimsThe motive for this administrations immigration program is stated by the co-chair of the task force, Obama’s domestic policy adviser Cecilia Muñoz. She said her focus is on making sure Obama’s historic immigration policies get “institutionalized” so they will live on long after she and her boss are gone from the White House.

Muñoz has a long history of Marxist activism and has fought continuously for open borders. She is in charge of the task-force created last November to grant amnesty to some 5 million illegal immigrants.

It seems that large groups of refugees are being sent to conservative congressional districts. For example thousands of Somali refugees were sent to Michelle Bachman’s district in Minnesota. Louis Gomez’s district in Texas has received a flood of Muslim immigrants. We have seen that they are now targeting Trey Gowdy‘s district in Spartanburg. Although we cannot prove this, it does seem like the logical deduction.

Susan Payne infiltrated a telephone conference call with more than a dozen members of Obama’s White House Task Force on New Americans hosted by Muñoz. The participants spoke of their plans to plant “seedlings” of immigrant populations into “receiving communities” that would be cultivated into fertile “soil.” The idea was that the seedlings would sprout and grow into communities within communities. This is “integration.” The soil, meaning the community, needed to be changed to accommodate the needs of the seedlings, rather than the other way around. Eventually, the mature seedlings would take over the host community.

This shows that there is not going to be any assimilation into the communities where these immigrants are being dumped. We have seen this same thing in Europe and now our government is doing the same thing.

Islam has a specific doctrine of jihad which deals with immigration. It says that Muslims are encouraged from the example of Muhammad to migrate, not immigrate, in mass to non-Muslim communities and then populate by having lots of children. They are not allowed to assimilate into the culture. As they grow in numbers they demand more and more accommodation to Islamic ways. They demand that their Shariah law be implemented within the legal system of the host community.

Now I want to look at the national security aspect of what the Obama administration is doing. One of the first questions we must ask about the Syrian refugees is, couldn’t some of them be ISIS fighters?

In February one of the FBI’s top investigators was called before a congressional committee on homeland security. The issue being discussed was Syrian refugees. The counter terrorism was Michael Stinebach and he gave a very sobering testimony. He said it was impossible to properly investigate the refugees coming from Syria because Syria is involved in a three and a half year civil war and it is a broken nation. It doesn’t have reliable law enforcement records. It doesn’t have intelligence records. Even if it did, American armed forces do not have boots on the ground in that country as we did when we set up the refugee program for Iraq.

In Iraq our military personnel were able to inspect the police and intelligence records of those who sought refugee status. Even with this there were some jihadists who were able to come in through this program. There were two men arrested in Kentucky for sending money and equipment to Al Quaeda who came here as Iraqi refugees. It has been much worse with the Somali refugee program. We have seen scores of Somali refugees who ended up sending money and equipment to terrorist groups in Somalia. We have also seen many Somalis leave he US to go fight for ISIS. The Somali refugee program predates the Obama administration. It has been going on for 25 years.

We need to understand that we are talking about legal immigration. The illegal immigration is just a smoke screen to keep our eyes off of this legal immigration of Muslims. The total of illegal immigrants coming into America annually is a couple of hundred thousands. The total legal immigrants is just over one million annually.

There is a great cost for what we are doing. The acknowledged cost for the refugee program is one billion dollars a year. Some experts say that this is vastly underestimated because it doesn’t consider the contractors and sub-contrasters I mentioned earlier. It could be as high as 5 to 10 billion dollars per year.

These estimates don’t include the costs on the local economies. Things like schools, decline in property values, and other things that come from these massive dumps of refugees into communities.

News From The Southern Border

A rancher found an Urdu dictionary dropped by illegals coming across our southern border. Urdu is spoken by Muslims. It is a mixture of Arabic and Farsi and used often in Muslim areas of Pakistan and India.

Here is a clip of Dr. Michael Vickers and Chris Burgard learn a few phrases of Urdu, from an Urdu dictionary, that was dropped by a coyote on the Vickers’ ranch. It really isn’t a laughing matter when people from countries of concern are invading your property, but then again, you don’t mess with Texas.

Those who dropped this dictionary are now in our country and we have no idea where they are. How many Muslims, potential terrorists, have already enter our country while we have been waiting for our government to do something to secure our borders?

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