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Islam On Homosexuality – Part 2

Al-Fatiha_Muslim_GaysThe issues that are plaguing our nation are the judgment of God because we have turned our backs on Him and His precepts. The nation of Israel suffered the same things when they turned against God.

The founders of our nation understood that for our type of government to exist the people must have Christian values. They understood that God’s laws, as summarized in the Then Commandments, must be the foundation of a nation if we want God’s hand of protection.

Our founders wanted us to maintain Christian values but today our leaders are telling us that we must change our religious views. Hillary Clinton had some interesting things to say to the Christian community about abortion. She said that Christians must change their religious beliefs. 

She is telling Christians that we can no longer have views that are based upon God’s precepts. This is in perfect agreement with what President Obama has said. Basing his comments on “my own Christian faith,” President Obama told the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit that churches should spend less time focusing on abortion and same-sex “marriage.” Here is what the President had to say:

When it comes to what are you really going to the mat for, what’s the defining issue, when you’re talking in your congregations, what’s the thing that is really going to capture the essence of who we are as Christians, or as Catholics, or what have you, [poverty] is oftentimes viewed as a ‘nice to have’ relative to an issue like abortion.

He is saying that the churches need to stop focusing on abortion and same-sex marriage. Remember he is talking to Catholics and Evangelicals. Their number one issue is life. He says they should stop focusing on these issues and start focusing on the poor.

When did Hillary and Obama become clergy? When did they become experts on religious matters? What gives them the right to tell us what religious views we can have?

President Obama, through Susan Rice, laid out his most important national security issues. Here is a list of what they are:

  • Climate change

  • Equality for civil rights for the LGBT community (homosexuality)

These are his primary concerns for our national security? What about ISIS, Iran, and North Korea?

This summer Obama is planing a trip to Kenya. The pastors there are asking him to stop preaching homosexuality. Here is what they said in a letter they sent to him.

President Barack Obama is welcome to visit Kenya this summer — but please, leave the preaching to us

They said this because he is coming to Kenya to promote homosexuality.

How are we to respond to these leaders who are trying to get us to give up our deeply held religious beliefs? We must decide, as the early Christians did, are we going to obey God or man?

But Peter and John answered and said unto them, Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye. Acts 4:19

Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. Acts 5:29

This brings up an important question; is it right for Christians to take part in civil disobedience? I want to be clear on this issue. When man makes a law that is contrary to God’s law, a man of God must obey God. The Bible also tells us to submit to the higher powers. If the government says you can’t preach against abortion, homosexuality, etc. or that you must marry a homosexual couple, you must say no! When you do, you submit to the consequences of your stand for God. The consequences may be a fine or even jail.

So far no church has ever lost its tax exempt status for standing for the precepts of God. The only thing you cannot do on the church’s time and dime is tell the congregation who to vote for. You can, however, preach what God says on moral issues and point out which candidates violate those precepts and which candidates support them.

Islam and Homosexuality

There is much more that I could say on these issues but I want to talk about Islam’s position on homosexuality. There is a lot of hypocrisy on the part of Islam concerning this issue. I think that every non-Muslim knows that Islam teaches against homosexuality. The question we must ask is; Why doesn’t Islam speak out against this sin in the West?

Islam teaches that homosexuality merits the death penalty. Within Islam there is no redemption for those who struggle with this sin. Christians believe those who struggle with this sin can be redeemed, rescued, and delivered from this sin through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are several reasons for Muslims not speaking out against homosexuality. One of the reasons is that while we in the West are killing our population base through abortion and the promotion of homosexuality which does not produce children, Muslims are increasing their population base by having lots of children. It is a numbers game. The less non-Muslims that are born and the more Muslims that are born, the greater influence Islam has in a society.

One of the reasons the Muslims don’t attack the women’s movement is that women involved in this movement are more interested in their career and therefore have less interested in having children. It comes down to increasing the Muslim influence in society.

The reason Muslims don’t push back against the feminist movement, homosexuality, and abortion is that it helps them take over a society. Believe me, if they can take over and install Shariah Law, these things will be eliminated in a moment.

ISIS is trying to prove their brutality again. They have produced a new video showing their killing of hostages. I don’t recommend you watch the video, but read the article to see how brutality is the name of the game for ISIS.

Barbarism by the book: New ISIS video aims to show religious purity

In the seven-minute, all-Arabic language video released June 23, victims say they have been treated well, but then 15 of 16 men are shown being murdered, some blown up in a car in a drone-style attack, others by being drowned while trapped in a cage and still more lined up on their knees in the desert with explosives detonating around their necks. Experts who analyzed the video shot in Iraq’s Nineveh Province said there is a clear message underlying the carnage: ISIS wants the Muslim world to know it is imprisoning and killing enemies of Islam under its warped interpretation of the Koran.

This attempt to prove to Muslims that ISIS is a good Muslim organization is reason for concern. This quote says that ISIS has a “warped interpretation of the Koran.” I disagree with this statement, they are doing what the Qur’an teaches and following the example of Muhammad.

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