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The Decline of Christianity and the Rise of Islam in Europe – Part 2

The-last-Christian-1_SEMuammar Gaddafi said:

There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest.

This sums up the strategy of Islam in Europe. Islam attacked Europe in the 7th century by the sword and was defeated in France at the Battle of Poitier. Islam tried again in the 16th century and was defeated at the Battle of Vienna. This time they are attacking Europe by cultural jihad and they are winning.

We are seeing Gaddafi’s prediction come to pass before our eyes. Islam is growing through immigration, procreation, etc. while Europeans are killing their children before they are born and their women are too busy with their careers to raise families. People are too busy making money to buy their toys to build families. Islam will out number us on the battlefield if necessary, or in the voting booth without firing a shot.

Merkel in Germany, Cameron in England, and Sarkozi in France all said that multiculturalism has failed. They pointed to Islam as proof of this failure because of their refusal to assimilate into the culture of the European nations. In the last French election Sarkozi was the only one who tried to take a stand against Islam and lost. François Hollande, who succeeded Sarkozi, went to the Muslims and told them that if they voted for him, he would undo all of the things that Sarkozi had done. Hollande won by 1.1 million votes, but 1.8 million Muslims voted for him. There are so many Muslims in France that they get to choose who will be their president.

The Muslims tried to take Europe by the sword twice and failed. Now they are coming in through peaceful means and winning.

An interesting fact about the Battle of Vienna is that it concluded on September 11th. This is the reason that date was chosen to bring down the Twin Towers. The fact that they remembered that date shows that they have a long term agenda. They are willing to take the time necessary to win.

Those Muslims who move into a nation, as a whole, do not assimilate into the culture of their new home. Muslims use migration as a tool to take over a country. Once they have a large enough population in an area they start to demand. They start pushing for Sharia. They demand Halal meat, the segregation of boys and girls in school, the recognition of their holidays, etc. We are seeing it in America. The mayor of New York is recognizing Muslim holidays in the public schools. It is interesting that they are doing this while refusing to recognize Christian holidays. They are refusing to call Christmas break Christmas and Easter break Easter. They call them the winter and spring break.

Many of the organizations bringing Muslim refugees into America don’t realize that they won’t assimilate into our culture. These Muslims are here to fight the cultural jihad. They want to change the culture from within.

In Europe the majority of immigrants are Muslims, there is an influx of Muslim refugees, and a higher birthrate of Muslims and all of these contribute to the rise of Islam in Europe. The European birth rate of 1.4 is not even enough to keep themselves going even if Islam wasn’t present. The Muslim birth rate is at least 4.7, and in some places as high as 7.4. The average is about 5 children per wife among Muslims.

Because of the Sharia courts in England, Muslim men can now have as many as 4 wives. It used to be that they had to go somewhere else to marry more than one wife. The wives would be recognized, but they had to be married somewhere else. Now they can marry them in Great Britain. The sad thing is that these Muslim men cannot afford multiple wives but the government gives them benefits so they can.

The decline of Christianity in Europe is not just because of the decline in birth rates. It is also because of the hate speech laws that forbid any speech that is negative toward Islam. Christians can be arrested for simply sharing the Gospel with a Muslim. This stifles evangelism and keeps Christian churches from growing.

One British politician was simply quoting what Sir Winston Churchill had said about the Muslim people of his day. He was arrested for doing so. It was called a hate crime.

In Europe there is an active plan to open the education system for the teaching of Islam. We see the same thing happening here in America.

Europe is our crystal ball, but we are not learning. We see what is happening in real time. This is not theory, it is happening all around us, yet we can’t seem to grasp it.

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