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Terrorism In Tennessee – Part 4

TennesseeTerrorismAnother disturbing fact that comes out of the survey is the 9% of the Muslims polled said that ISIS is pure Islam. This means that 270,000 Muslims in America believe that ISIS is pure Islam. This gives ISIS a pretty large pool of followers from which to get jihadists.

Thus far we have been protected by the amateurish nature of the jihadists. We are coming to a time when we will have people here who have been trained by ISIS. When we do, we will see a lot more successes.

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There are a lot of things to say about what is going on in light of this attack. You would think that since Tennessee has a Republican governor, he would be very strong on security. The “Republican” governor in Tennessee is an Obama supporter. One of the ways we see this is that the American Muslim Advisory Counsel, which is a Muslim Brotherhood group, is the only agency which is allowed to brief the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on Islam. This means that the TBI, who will be one of the agencies investigating this attack, knows nothing about true Islam. The FBI doesn’t know much either because their records have been purged of anything negative about Islam under the direction of Eric Holder.

The lead investigator for the FBI is Ken Moore. He is an apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood and his comments were biased and untrustworthy. Agent Moore helped purge FBI training materials concerning the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia.

Moore came to Tennessee and warned those who say anything negative about Islam will be prosecuted for hate crimes, and they will pay a heavy price. There was a large crowd there which shouted him down. Moore and the agent in charge in Tennessee are very pro-Islam and believe that those who speak out against Islam should be crushed.

Two years ago Bill Warner was scheduled to give a talk at a school is Chattanooga. The school superintendent said that the room could not be rented and he was shut down. There was a law suit that followed and Bill Warner won.

Muslims have so infiltrated the school system in Chattanooga that those who want to speak up and tell the truth about Islam cannot. Those who want to tell lies and misinform people about Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood are welcome.

After this attack, the FBI director gave a short statement, and as usual, nothing was said about Islam or terrorism. There was a small change because it seemed they were going to look at this as domestic terrorism unless evidence drives them to believe otherwise.

Because of the purging of anything having to do with Islam from the training materials, our investigators have to go into these investigations blinded. The have to start with the presumption that this has nothing to do with Islam.

According to this administration, the real problem with terrorism is not Islam, it is the Tea Party, white supremacist groups, and fundamental Christians. They also include our veterans. They want us to believe that the real problem is those who speak out against those who are killing us.

We must be informed if we are going to stop what is going on. This is why we need your support. We can’t get the information out without it. If you can support this ministry financially please call us at 1-800-616-0082.

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