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Insights Into Iran – Part 2

IranDealBefore I get into the eschatology of Islam I want to remind you that the majority of Iranians, both in Iran and around the world, are secular Muslims. This means that they don’t really practice the religion. In Iran only about 8% of the people attend the mosque. This is the lowest of any Islamic country. The younger generation has lived under Sharia for all of their lives, and as a result, have rejected Islam. The majority do not support the present regime.

If you remember, in 2009, the Green Party had a chance to overthrow these imams. They asked Obama to just stand with them. They said we don’t want your troops, we don’t want your arms, we just want your moral support. Obama’s response was, we don’t meddle in the affairs of another sovereign country, except for Egypt, Libya, Syria, and others that we disagree with.

Why did the Obama administration not seize on an opportunity to help the Iranian people overthrow this oppressive regime? What the Iranian government did to the Green movement was brutal. Our government stood by and let it happen.

Today, Iran is a theocracy. Even though Iran’s official name is the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is not a republic. Their parliament is a facade. The person who runs Iran is the Ayatollah Khamenei. He is the supreme ruler and what ever he says is final. Even the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, answers to Khamenei.

We also need to remember that Hassan Rouhani was the head of Iran’s nuclear program before becoming president. Our government is trying to tell us that this man as a moderate.

Shiite Eschatology

Shiites are only between 12 to 15 percent of the world population of Muslims. The other 85 percent are Sunni. The only major difference is that the Shiites believe that the caliph must be a blood descendant of Muhammad, while the Sunni don’t.

Iran is the largest Shiite country in the world. They are not simply Shiites, they are what are called “twelvers.” This means that they believe in the twelfth imam. They believe that there have been twelve imams and the twelfth disappeared in 931 AD. They believe that he is in a well in a city in Iran called Jamkaran. People actually go there and write notes to him that they drop down the well.

Why is he in a well? Is he in the depths of Hell?

They believe that the twelfth imam is going to reappear to usher in the Islamic Caliphate of the end-time. They agree with the Sunni in that they are waiting for their messiah, the Mahdi. The difference is that the Sunni believe that he hasn’t come yet. The Shiite believe that he came once, disappeared, and is coming again. They both agree that he is coming to set up a global Islamic order.

The Twelvers believe that if they stir the pot, make things more chaotic, it will cause the imam to come back sooner. We need to understand who we are dealing with. These are not radical, unrepresentative Muslims. These people believe that it is their duty to usher in the twelfth imam and the Islamic world order. How can we trust them?

Iran’s Trustworthiness

If their past record concerning “deals” represents what they will do in the future, we cannot trust them at all. They have shown no change in their conduct. While we were negotiating this “deal,” their leaders, both Rouhani and the Ayatollah Khamenei, were leading the country in chants of “death to Israel, death to America” and our negotiators were still sitting down with them expecting to get a “good deal.”

If we had a real leader he would say, we don’t come to the table until you show us, by your words and your actions, that you have changed in your ideology and conduct. Until you show that you will deal correctly with us and our friends, we have nothing to negotiate. From the outset of these negotiations, we have negotiated from a position of weakness.

Islam gives Muslims the mandate to deceive the Kafir (unbelievers). Muslims have demonstrated their willingness to do this in the past. It is the example given by Muhammad. We will never be able to trust Muslims to keep a treaty because they are taught by their religion and their Prophet to deceive non-Muslims.

Muslims are allowed, and even commanded, to lie to non-Muslims in the House of War, but they are not allowed to lie when they are in the upper house, the House of Islam. This is why Muslims in Europe are starting to tell the truth about their goals. They believe they are now in the House of Islam.

There is one lie that is permitted in the upper house, and that is the lie of a treaty. Muhammad made a treaty with Mecca when he was in Medina called the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. This treaty was supposed to be a ten year cycle, but in less that two years Muhammad broke the treaty. He took Mecca by force and killed most of the people.

Muslims are commanded to follow the example of Muhammad. If Muhammad broke a treaty, the Ayatollahs can do the same. They can break the treaty at any time by simply saying they no longer keep it, or by secretly ignoring it while the other side thinks it is still in effect.

In this deal we have allowed them to keep the centrifuges spinning, we have given their money back, we allow them to keep their military strong, etc.

Khamenei actually tweeted out the “America has surrendered to Iran.” This is how the Iranian leaders view the “deal” that was made by this administration. I find it hard to disagree with him. We surrendered everything they wanted, and received nothing in return. We even gave them things that were not supposed to be part of the deal, like agreements concerning conventional weapons. Russia can now legally give them ballistic missile technology, which will definitely make the world a more dangerous place.

This is like a death sentence to our country. I would call this treasonous.

Let me share with you some news coming out of England. Imam Anjem Choudary, the radical Muslim leader, has been arrested and is facing a possible 10 year prison sentence for his support of ISIS.

Why are we seeing the arrest of people like Louis Farrakhan being arrested for his incitement against the white man. He is calling for 10,000 of his followers to kill white men? Why is he not being prosecuted? I suppose that as long as Obama is in the White House it is not likely to happen.

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