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insights Into Iran – Part 3

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We had put crippling sanctions on Iran. They were the ones who came with their hats in their hands. The way the negotiations went, it seem like we were the ones negotiating from a position of weakness.

There are some things that we should have made non-negotiable from the very beginning. Before sitting down with them we should have demanded, as a gesture of good faith, the release of the American hostages in Iran.

This type of negotiation is not new. In 1979 Jimmy Carter tried to negotiate with Iran from a position of weakness. It wasn’t until the day that Ronald Reagan was sworn in that the Iranians released the hostages. They released them because Reagan said we would take them out if they didn’t do so. When we stand in strength, not in the weakness we see with this administration, even our enemies respect us.

The weakness we see seems to be intentional. When we see who is behind Obama this seems to make sense. Obama’s chief advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was born in Iran. Her family left America to go to Iran because they were tired of what America stood for. She still has ties to people in Iran.

Remember, this woman is the one who is always whispering into the ear of Obama. Nothing happens in this administration without her input.

According to a WND article by retired General Boykin, Jarrett is the real architect of this “deal.” This administration doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. Jarrett supports Obama’s “apology tour.”

It would seem that while Obama is out golfing, Jarrett is on the job. I don’t think we elected her. She is an Iranian citizen because someone who is born in Iran is always an Iranian citizen.

There is another troubling connection with Iran through John Kerry. His daughter is married to an Iranian-American businessman with extensive ties to high level people in Iran. The son-in-law has family still living in Iran. Could these things affect how Kerry deals with Iran? At the very least, this is an interesting coincidence.

You know, we couldn’t make up things like this. Some of the things being said by this administration in defense of the “deal” are amazingly foolish.

You may have heard that Turkey is now allowing us to use one of its airbases to launch air strikes into Iraq and Syria. Our planes have arrived in Turkey and some of the pro-ISIS terrorist groups in Turkey have responded. Turkey is getting some internal flack over this. A suicide bomber blew himself up killing 32 people.

This should not surprise us, especially since we have also seen Turkey conducting its own air strikes against ISIS. Not only have they attacked ISIS, they have also attacked the PKK, which is a Kurdish group.

Since it can be a little confusing in the Middle East, I would like to take some time to explain who this group is. It is difficult to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

The Kurds claim to be descendants of the Medes. Remember, in the Bible it speaks of the Medes and the Persians? There are between 30 and 40 million Kurds in the world today. Most of them, 11 to 12 million, live in Turkey, Iran has about 6 million, Iraq has about 5 million, Syria has about 1 million, and the rest are spread throughout other countries.

The Kurds are not generally attached to a specific religion, however, the majority of them would come down on the side of the Sunni Muslims. There are many who claim to be Christians, and many claim to be Shiite Muslims. The point is that the Kurds are not really defined by their religion. They also have a variety of languages. Some speak Arabic, some Persian, and a large number speak Turkish.

The PKK has been fighting with the US and other Kurds against ISIS. On the surface it seems like they are the good guys because they are fighting our enemy. This does not mean they are among the good guys. The PKK is more of a political group, and has been classified as a terrorist group. They would probably be classified as a Marxist or communist group. They have been a thorn in Turkey’s flesh for quite some time.

The PKK is mostly in Turkey. The Syrian Kurds are also no friend of Turkey. Turkey does have a good relationship with the Kurds in Iraq. These are the ones the US is working with. Sadly, we are not giving hem the arms they need to fight ISIS.

It seems that President Obama is putting handcuffs on our teams who are trying to fight ISIS. Not only is he not arming the Kurds, he is limiting what our own military leaders can do.


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