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Is America Heading For A Bloody Revolution – Part 2

fifeanddrumIs it just me, or does it seem that Obama is doing all he can to get conservatives upset enough to go to the streets with our guns in protest? If we do that, doesn’t it give Obama the perfect occasion to declare martial law? Could this be his goal?

Today we are making suppositions, something that we don’t normally do. Today we are taking the time to simply look at what is going on and ask some hard questions.

I don’t think it is an accident that this administration is doing things to overwhelm and frustrate the American people. This includes the many things this administration has done on immigration, illegal executive orders, taking away property rights, attacking gun rights, and now attacking religious liberties. Add to this the race batting, the race riots, and the anti-police attitudes of this administration, how can you not believe that it is intentional?

There are other things happening also. At the same time that the Supreme Court gave its decision on same-sex marriage, Congress passed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which gives up American sovereignty. We have Obama Care being used to take away religious rights. Globalism is being forced upon us through UN rulings. It is not just Obama, there are others pushing these things also.

I don’t see how this cannot be intentional. If it is not, why do we see the Jade Helm training in the streets of Texas cities. Why is this training in conservative Texas, and not liberal New York or California? This caused enough concern for the Governor of Texas to call out the State Guard to keep an eye on them. It looks to me that they are paving the way for martial law. We are not saying that Jade Helm is an attempt to take over our country, but it is a rehearsal.

Another thing the government has been doing is purchasing large amounts of ammunition. Some of the agencies that are doing this make no sense. Why would agencies like the Post Office, the Department of Energy, the EPA, etc. need so much ammunition?

It is illegal to bring military personnel into American cities and to quarter them there, unless there is an act of war. They are desensitizing the nation to the violation of this principle.

When and if we come out and protest peacefully we need to pray for God’s wisdom. We need discernment and we need to do things lawfully. We cannot usurp authority that belongs to the government.

By way of example, look at David and Saul. Saul had become a bad king. He was clearly oppressing God’s people. He was hunting down David to kill him. David had enough wisdom to know that he could not be the one to take Saul out. He understood that he had to let God do it in God’s time.

Another Bible illustration is the story of Jericho. We know that God did the work of bringing the walls down. The people had a role after the walls came down. They were to go in and take the city.

What we are seeing is not being called martial law, it is about continuity of government. In Washington State, they have attempted to pass a law on continuity of government. Fortunately there was opposition and it did not pass committee. Because if failed in the legislature, the Governor used and executive order to the State Guard and other state agencies to implement this principle.

The most troubling thing is they presented the legislature with a map of Washington State. The state has 39 counties, but this map had 13 zones. The reason is that in the event that continuity of government (martial law) was invoked, it would suspend the state and federal constitutions and declare a new dynamic. If there are 39 counties, are their not 39 sheriffs and 39 county governments? These are duly elected people. What happens to them? Their authority will be usurped and someone from the top will decide who the 13 leaders of these zones are.

Historically there was a law on the books in Washington State about continuity, but it was in the event of a nuclear attack. It was to reestablish government in the event the the elected leaders were killed in an attack. In this law, the authority was brought to the next lower government. For example, if the state government was destroyed it went to the county governments.

This continuity is now being planned across the country. FEMA has a plan that in the event of some emergency there will not be 50 states, there will be 10 zones. Who is going to run those zones? The authority of the state and local governments will be suspended. This is what we are concerned about. This is not some theory, this is already in the planning. Shahram has seen the maps, he has been briefed by the legislators who sat in committee. This is tyranny because there is an oligarchy at the top which will determine what will happen. They will be able to keep their power by bringing in the military and militarized police departments.

Obama knows that if he makes our guns illegal the American people will go to the streets with their guns. This is what he wants, and we need to be smarter than this.

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Updated: August 26, 2015 — 7:36 AM
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