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Is America Heading For A Bloody Revolution – Part 3

fifeanddrumThis administration has attacked just about everything trying to provoke a reaction. It has attacked religious liberty, gun rights, freedom of speech, etc. The one thing that it keeps returning to is gun rights. The Second Amendment is critical to the protection of our other freedoms. This amendment was given to guarantee a free republic.

There have been some references, how ever jokingly they may have been, about a third Obama term. There are people who are concerned about what would happen if continuity of government was declared. What would happen if Obama declared that because of the turmoil in America he could not leave office?

While in Kenya, Obama rebuked the Kenyan leaders for not leaving office when they should of, and then went on to joke about his third term. Here is what he said:

He can’t run for a third term under the Constitution. But if he suspends the Constitution he can do what ever he wants. He criticizes the African leaders for declaring martial law and taking over while systems are being put it place to do the same thing here. He is using his pen and his phone to rule like a dictator and put in place the laws he wants, while removing those he doesn’t.

What is Obama doing to the military? If he wants to take over the country, he must be able to control the military. Many military officers have been asked if they will fire on American citizens. Those who say they won’t seem to be removed as soon as possible. They are usually removed by putting pressure on them to resign.

According to sources in the military, company grade and field grade officers that won’t shoot Americans are being purged. These are the ones who actually lead the men. On top of this they are femenizing our military, promoting homosexuality, promoting transvestites, all of which weaken our military. We see them purging our military of the Christian faith. Similar things are being done in law enforcement.

This should be of great concern to us. If the military will not stand up against tyrannical actions we are in real trouble.

Recently we have seen an attack on gun ownership by seniors. They are saying that seniors are not capable of rational decisions because of declining mental powers. This, again, has been done by executive order.

Recently, in Washington State, a group of patriots received a call from an Idaho official who said he had a man in his district, a Viet Nam vet, who received a letter from the VA stating they were coming in to take over his finances because he had had a stroke and they had deemed him incompetent. There was never a meeting with him. No tests were done. There was no appeal process. They just decided that because he had had a stroke he was not able to govern his own affairs. The letter also said that on a certain date they were going to come and take his guns.

There was an organized protest and the county sheriff showed up. He came down on the side of the man and said that he would not allow the VA to take this man’s gun. In this case the VA backed off when they saw the force of the opposition.

The media showed up and interviewed the vet. He was completely lucid. He was standing up. He could rattle off phone numbers. The VA letter would have led us to believe that he was in a wheelchair, drooling form the side of his mouth, and couldn’t put two words together.

This is an example of how, at the local level, we can push back while we still have the opportunity. We can’t wait until they do mass confiscation. We must show up at the individual events. We must stand up before it is too late.

We have been talking about the problems. Now I want to look at solutions. If we don’t do thing right we could have a bloody revolution. I am not a conspiracy person, but I like the way my father-in-law puts it, “there is a conspiracy, and Satan is at the head of it. Those involved don’t even know they are in a conspiracy.” Satan hates America because it has been a godly nation. He wants to destroy it any way he can.

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Updated: August 26, 2015 — 10:17 PM
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