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The Muslim Refugee Agenda – Part 1

QuranVanToday we are going to talk about the Muslim refugee agenda, and how it should be of concern to us. I chose the word “agenda” for a reason. There is a purpose for what is being done.

Shahram is an immigrant from a Muslim country. America is a nation of immigrants, and Shahram’s family came from Iran in 1978. They left Iran just a few weeks before the government was overthrown in the Islamic revolution. When they came to America their goal was to assimilate into the American culture and way of life.

About 16 years ago someone shared the Gospel with Shahram and he was saved. The transition from Islam to Christianity was not easy because of all of the false things he had been taught about Christianity. Today he is a Christian pastor.

We have a burden for reaching immigrants with the Gospel, especially those from Islamic countries. Islamic countries are closed to the Gospel and we have an opportunity to reach those who come here. Reaching them could also help reach some of those in their home countries.

Not only are we seeing a failure in Christian circles to reach Muslims for Christ, we are seen an opposite agenda from this administration. It seems to us that this administration is trying to transform America and is using Muslim refugees to do that. This is what we want to cover today. We also want to charge Christians to reach those Muslims who are here with the Gospel.

I was raised in Europe, and I saw first hand what happened when the churches did not stand up and do its job. Europe is being overrun by Muslims today. We don’t want to see this happen to America.
After WWII, Europe was in trouble. Their infrastructure had been destroyed by the war. They needed to rebuild just about everything. When I first went to England as a child I remember many who were just moving out of government housing and getting on their feet. It really took a while for Europe to recover from the effects of the war.

There was a shortage of men to do the work of rebuilding because so many had been killed during the war. The Southern Europeans turned to their neighbors in North Africa, Germany turned to Turkey, and England turned to its old colonies. Guess who they were? They were Muslims. Muslims started flowing into Europe by the boat load. Muslims had been trying to get into Europe for centuries. They tried coming through Spain and France in the 700’s. They were stopped at the battle of Poitiers in France. They tried to come in through Vienna and were kicked out again. Now they were being invited in, and even being paid to do so.

The governments of Europe told their people to bend to the immigrants because they needed them to rebuild. They allowed these immigrants to build enclaves and not integrate into the European way of life. They have now taken over whole towns and cities. We are making the same mistake with Islamic refugees in America.

We need to remember that Islamic immigration is different from non-Muslim immigration. Islam as a doctrine, which we have discussed before, called hijra. It teaches that they are to migrate in groups as part of jihad. They segregate themselves into communities and grow until they are large enough to start demanding their “rights.” They also have more children than westerners so their communities grow much faster.

This is happening in America with this administration dumping Islamic refugees across 190 communities. This is not accidental, it is intentional. It is changing these communities from within. We believe this administration, in conduction with the United Nations, is deliberately flooding America with Islamic refugees. Let’s not forget that the largest voting block in the UN is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC actually has a hand in the selection of the refugees.

Obama has alluded to the fact that his transformation of America would make it a Muslim country. We believe that bringing in Islamic refugees is one of the major ways he is doing this.
Those who follow this ministry are familiar with the Muslim takeover of Dearborn, MI. We will see that there are other places where this is happening. It is happening in places like Idaho and North Dakota. The refugees are being dumped in small, conservative communities. We will look at what this does to the communities, and who is behind it.

The groups that are profiting from this are supposedly Christian groups. There are Catholic charities, Lutheran groups, Episcopal churches, etc. who are sponsoring these refugees. It may surprise you to find out they these groups are getting a lot of money from the government to do so. One of the reasons they are not sharing the Gospel with these refugees is there are strings attached to the money and they can’t talk about Christianity to the refugees.

Toronto city councillor says Muslim-only subsidized housing is acceptable

This week, about 11,000 people looking for subsidized housing were removed from the waiting list at Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace, a 14-storey apartment building on Finch Avenue West. About 100 of the 166 residential rental units are designed as rent-geared-to-income.


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