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The Muslim Refugee Agenda – Part 4

QuranVanWhat Should The Christian Response Be?

We need to see these refugees assimilate into our nation and culture. It should be a requirement for citizenship. If this doesn’t happen we will lose our country.

We need to remember that these people are lost. Their religion tells them that Jesus was just a man, not God, and that He did not die on the cross to pay our sin debt. If you don’t have Christ’s deity and if you don’t have His death on the cross, you don’t have the resurrection either. Without these, there is no Gospel. These people will die and go to Hell, not because they are Muslims, but because they have rejected Jesus Christ.

Part of our ministry is teaching people how to evangelize Muslims. We have information on this at our Fortress of Faith website, as does Shahram on his website.

The first question is, how does a non-Muslim start a conversation and befriend a Muslim? Start by engaging them as a good neighbor like you would any other neighbor. Be friendly and hospitable. Most of the cultures from which Muslims come are very hospitable. This is not because of Islam, it is because of the cultures from which they come.

I don’t think you should accommodate them by buying halal meat, but on the other hand, don’t invite them over and offer them pork. If you have them over, you can’t go wrong with fish, rice, or beans.

A big part of reaching Muslims with the Gospel is first becoming friends with them. I don’t know of a Muslim who has gotten saved, who did not first have a friendship with a Christian.

Befriending a Muslim does not mean you have to make a dinner for them. You can help them out in some way. Maybe they need help with yard work or helping them buy a car. The important thing is that you demonstrate Christ’s love toward them.

As Christians, we have three weapons in our arsenal. The first of these is prayer. If God puts a Muslim in your path start praying for them immediately. Pray that God will open their hearts and give you wisdom as to how to approach them.

Secondly, share your testimony with them. Speak the truth in love as you do this. Don’t let the fact that it may offend them stop you.

The third tool is the Gospel. As you share the Gospel you will run into objections and oppositions. Don’t sugar coat the Gospel to make it more palatable to them. This will only destroy what you are trying to accomplish. They need to know who Jesus really is because they have been lied to. Shahram was reached because the person who shared her faith with him gave him the unadulterated truth of the Gospel. She made sure he heard of the crucifixion, the resurrection, that Jesus was the Son of God and God the Son. Everything was presented. He knew that God the Son and died for his sins.

Shahram tells me that this was hard for him to swallow, but God did the work in his heart. It is important to inject here that our job is to present the truth, the Holy Spirit’s job is to do the work in the heart of the Muslim.

Many Christians will do the first part and make friends, but when it comes to presenting the Gospel they chicken out. They are afraid of offending them. The question is, how much do you really love them if you are not willing to share the Gospel with them and rescue them out of the darkness of Islam?

It is essential to get them into the Word of God. Remember, “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” The best place to take them is to the Gospel of John.

If you get them to read the Gospel of John it will assault some of their beliefs because it will teach the deity of Christ. We usually have Muslims read the Gospel of John with us and we just answer their questions. If they don’t ask questions, then we ask questions like, What do you think that means?

When Jesus said “thy sins be forgiven thee” we ask how that could be since only God can forgive sins. We tell them that He has the right to do so because He is God. It takes time, but these things will start to sink in.

We also deal with those passages that speak of the atonement. We show that we cannot save ourselves, so God does it for us through the blood of Jesus Christ. No matter how sure a Muslim may seem about his faith, they have no assurance of their salvation.

When we can tell them that we have no doubt about our salvation, when we tell them we have no doubt that we will go to Heaven when we die, it will do something inside them. They will long for the same assurance that we have. They need to understand that this assurance is not based upon what we have done, but upon what Christ has done for us.

It will be hard for them to swallow, but they know that the only assurance they have of Heaven is to become a martyr in jihad for Allah. The fear of dying without any assurance of where they will spend eternity can be a big motivator. The Holy Spirit can use this to turn their hearts to Christ.

It is our responsibility to get the Word to them. It is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility to prick their hearts. This cannot be done without the Word of God. We have written a tract to help you get them into the Bible. It is called “Are Muslims Forbidden to Read The Bible?” It is available from the store on our website.

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