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A Glossary of Islamic Terms – Part 2

Muslim_Brotherhood_LogoOur glossary of Islamic terms.

These next two go hand in hand. We see them a lot in the news because we have ISIS claiming to be the Caliphate. We need to understand what this means.

4. The Caliph is the successor to Muhammad. His is the supreme commander or leader of Islam. His word is law. We need to remember that Muhammad was building a kingdom and the Caliph is the emperor of that kingdom or empire. Muhammad ruled as a dictator and the Caliph ruler who answers only to Allah.

5. The Caliphate is the empire that the Caliph rules over.

6. The Dajjal is the antichrist. When you study end time prophecy in Islam it is like taking the book of Revelation and looking at it in a mirror. Our Messiah is their antichrist and our antichrist is their messiah. The Muslim Jesus performs the role of the false prophet in the book of Revelation.

The Christian view of the Antichrist is that he will come out of a European country. It seems that there is a turn from this traditional view and more people think that he may come from within Islam.

7. Dar al Harb is the house of war. It is the house of the infidel or the non-Muslim.

8. Dar al Islam is the house of Islam.

Christians are taught to be true to their faith in all situations. It is not this way in Islam. When a Muslim lives in Dar al Harb he lives and acts one way, and when he is in the Dar al Islam he lives and acts another way.

America is Dar al Harb and Muslims are permitted to act in accordance with the early verses of the Qur’an, which are the peaceful passages. When the Muslim population reaches a point where they can declare that it is now Dar al Islam, like in Europe today, their behavior changes.

Remember, Islam means submission. When the strength of the Muslims reaches a point where they can dominate it is submit or else. This does not require a majority, it only requires enough vocal Muslims to put fear in the hearts of our leaders. Many of the mosques in Europe have declared that Europe is not Dar al Islam.

9. Dawah is the word for evangelism. Most of the dawah is going on in the prisons of America and in the universities. In our prisons a lot of the blacks are turning to Islam because it is considered the religion of the blacks. What is ironic about this is that Muhammad was very anti-blacks. He called the raisin heads and described the evil man as a black man. He called a righteous man a white man. Biblical Christianity has no racism, it is for all men.

Remember the beheading in Moore, OK? It is believed that the man who did this was converted to Islam in prison. This is a very dangerous trend.

10, The Dhimmi is the non-Muslim living in Dar al Islam. It is non-Muslims who are subjugated to Islam even though they have not converted to Islam. They are second class citizens if you will. They pay a tax for protection called the Jizyah. The jizyah is found in Surah 9:29 it says:

Subdue them until they pay jizyah with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.

There are minimums and maximums it Shariah. The maximum is found in the pact of Umar, the second Caliph, and it is 50% of what they owned and 50% of what they earned.

This is what America’s first war was about. The Muslims were demanding the jizyah to allow our ships to pass through Mediterranean waters and then breaking the treaty. As a result Jefferson created the Marines and when in to the Muslim lands and defeated them.

The cry of the day was “Not a penny for tribute, but millions for defense.” this is what made America strong.

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