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Trouble Ahead from the United Nations – Part 1

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Today I want to turn the spotlight on the United Nations. I want to show how Islam is controlling this organization. We will start by looking at the UN and domestic issues here in the US.

A few weeks ago the UN announced the formation of a global police force called the Strong Cities Network. It is to be used, among other things, to combat violent extremism in the United States. We will be looking at what this means for Americans and our rights as US citizens.

The biggest questions are: Who do the UN and this administration consider to be the violent extremists? What role does Islam play in this?

Before we get into this subject I want to give you a preview of some developments in the UN concerning Israel. There has been a rise in attacks against Israeli citizens in Israel. The president of Palestine is inciting this new violence.

There is a startling announcement from one of the groups in the UN. They have declared that the Western Wall, that is in the Jewish sector, should belong to the Muslims. They want to kick the Jews out of that area.

We will be talking about the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which is the largest voting block in the UN. We will see the control that Islam now has on the United Nations. We will be taking another look at Resolution 16/18 which deals with the freedom of speech, and how it is a threat against our Constitution. It will take away our freedom to speak freely and criticize Islam.

Satan wants to destroy Christianity and will do anything he can to accomplish his goal. More and more threats are coming to the forefront, and the tools he is using are Islam and the United Nations.

Now let’s examine what is happening with this global police force. We need to understand that even though there are 192 member states in the united nations, the OIC is the largest voting block, The OIC has 57 members and 56 of them are member states in the UN. This means that more than ¼ of the states in the UN vote as one, and that ¼ is all pro-Islamic. The 57th member is Palestine, which is not a member of the UN, but has ¼ of the members always voting in its favor.

Remember when Obama was running for President the first time and he said there were 57 states in the United States? This slip of the tongue may not mean anything, but it is surly interesting that his error equaled the number of members of the OIC. He also spoke of his Muslim faith in an interview and the interviewer, George Stephanopoulos, corrected him and said, you mean your Christian faith, to which Obama agreed.

The OIC has a major influence in the UN, and one of the things they have done is the introduction of the idea of hate speech laws. They call them “defamation of religion” laws. In doing so they created the term “islamophobe” which is used by the media and many politicians to describe those who expose Islam for what it is. This term is a charge of slander. Even if you present something completely factual about Islam, even if it is quoted from a reliable Islamic source, if a Muslim or Islam is offended, it is called slander.

In Europe they use these anti-defamation laws to go after anyone who dares speak out against Islam. For example, Geert Wilders Is a Dutch politician, the head of the Freedom Party in Holland, and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff from Germany have been prosecuted and harassed by these laws. Christians in Europe have had criminal charges brought against them for speaking up against Islam, and for sharing the Gospel with Muslims.

Where did this law come from? It came from the OIC, it came from the United Nations. Hillary Clinton has been involved in meetings to get Resolution 16/18 worded in a way that will make it acceptable in the US. The UN has been voting on this resolution annually for over a decade. The US ambassador to the UN has voted against it until recently. In 2010 or 2011, Hillary Clinton started getting involved. She has joint hosted meetings with the chairman of the OIC, first in Istanbul, Turkey, and a year later in Washington DC, and then in London. I think they have had another meeting in France since then. This is called the Istanbul Process. Originally this was about the defamation of Islam, and they tweaked the language and made it the defamation of religion. The result is that the US has now voted in approval of this resolution.

Even though it is against the defamation of any religion, we know that the holy cow is Islam. Do all the research you want and you will never find a case where these defamation laws have been used against Islam for criticizing Christianity.

We have had Deborah Weiss on our radio broadcast several times. She is an attorney, she has written a number of articles for Front Page Magazine and the Washington Times. She lives in Washington DC. She is the foremost expert on Resolution 16/18. Resolutions in the UN don’t make law, and countries are not obligated to abide by them. They do set a precedence and they do apply pressure to the UN members to comply. By the end of this series of articles you will see that the UN has a lot of influence in our government.

Tomorrow we will be continuing with more information on this subject.

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