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Trouble Ahead from the United Nations – Part 2


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The Strong Cities Network

When Hillary Clinton brought Resolution 16/18 into the State Department, it started creeping into other government agencies, most importantly the Justice Department. The Justice Department has recently made this resolution its policy. This is not law, it has not been passed by Congress, it is just DOJ policy, but for those that are in government, policy might as well be law because if you dare go against policy you can be fired or blacklisted. The DOJ now has a zero tolerance policy against anyone, including law enforcement people, who would “defame Islam” in any way. The White house has been setting the example on this issue. They can’t even say “radical Islam.”

This implementation of Resolution 16/18 into DOJ policy makes the issue of a global police force one of the most important issues facing us today.

Another thing we will be discussing over the next few weeks is the refugee issue. The OIC influences the UN selection process on refugees. It is the UN that selects the refugees that are then sent into the various countries, including the US. We know that the refugees are mostly Muslims, and very few, if any, Christians are being allowed in.

What happened on September 30th has taken this to a whole new level. This is what is called “The Strong Cities Network.” On September 30th the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, along with Vice-President Biden, at the UN announced the formation of this global task (police) force. This announcement has gone almost totally uncovered by the mainstream media. The stated purpose is to combat violent extremism.

We have heard the expression “violent extremism” before. The President had a summit at the White House on countering violent extremism earlier this year. Most of this summit was spent talking about “right wing extremists.” They didn’t talk about ISIS or Islamic terrorism. When this announcement was made, a group called “The Southern Poverty Law Center,” a group that is worse than the ACLU and is anti-God, anti-Christian, anti anything that is biblical, applauded this announcement.

Why would they launch a global police force to combat violent extremism, particularly in the US? What connection does that have with the OIC, with the defamation of Islam? What should we, as Christians, be preparing for?

Many years ago Obama said he wanted a citizen task force to achieve our national security objectives. You can see the video of this statement by Obama here.

He wants a civilian police force just as powerful as our military forces. Janet Napolitano, when she was head of Homeland Security, said that we need to watch Christian groups, military veterans, and these extreme right groups. She marked us as hate groups and as potential threats against the government. There have been people like Timothy McVeigh and a few others who are crazy, anti-government people, but patriots are not anti-government. Patriots want the Constitution to be followed. I would describe myself as a Christian patriot. Our founders gave us a republic and a constitution to govern it. Those of us who want the government given us by our founders are considered dangerous to the present government.

In the first church that I pastored, I had men who worked for the NSA. They were basically spies. We also had all branches of military intelligence in the church. We even had some from the CIA. They monitored telephone conversations around the world, and when certain words were said they would flag those conversations for analysis. I can’t give you my sources, but I know that they were flagging fundamental Christian groups. I consider this a threat to my freedom. The fact that this administration feels that Christians and patriotic groups are a threat to the government should concern us all.

Janet Napolitano put out a memo in 2009, of which we have a copy, that talked about returning veterans, those who are pro second amendment, those who are anti-illegal immigration, those who are anti-abortion, those who are pro traditional marriage, and those who are against Islam. She said that all of these need to be watched and are considered dangerous.

Again, the Southern Poverty Law Center applauded this announcement of a new global police force. They have done training for the Sheriff’s office in the Spokane, WA area identifying potential violent extremists and domestic terrorists. Who do you suppose was on the list? It was those groups mentioned above. This would include you and me.

Shahram’s sources in the FBI have told him that if you mention the words “constitutional republic” you are flagged as a potential domestic terrorist and included with groups like “Sovereign Nation” and other Aryan organizations. There are some who are anarchists, rebellious, anti-government, but that is not what we are. We are for the rule of law, we are for a righteous government, we are for a government that honors the Constitution.

We are supposed to have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Do we have a First Amendment or not? We will be looking at examples of how we believe they will be using these policies against Christians and patriots. We are the target, and we had better wake up and understand what is going on.

Tomorrow we will be continuing with more information on this subject.

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