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Trouble Ahead from the United Nations – Part 3


Before we get into our main subject let me remind you that we are in our fall fundraising time. One of our missions at Fortress of Faith is to expose Islam for what it is. Islam is dangerous. It destroys freedom, Christianity, and just about everything it touches. .

For Islam to have the world control that it wants, it must Destroy America. America is the symbol of liberty in the world. If Islam can destroy America it will have free reign in the world. This is why we are being targeted by Islam.

We also need to understand that Muslims are victims of Islam also. They need to be rescued and brought to the truth of the Gospel.

At Fortress of Faith we try to warn and to give answers to the issues concerning Islam. You will not get this from the mainstream media. The media tells us that Islam is a religion of peace. You will be told that the Islamic terrorists are not real Muslims. In fact, the terrorists are the real Muslims. They are carrying out the mandates of their Prophet Muhammad. Fortress of Faith gives you the evidence for this.

It is also important that we know why this is happening. We need to understand that God has allowed the rise of Islam to bring judgment on America and the West because of our sin. We need to repent and turn back to God. We need to cry out to Him for mercy. If we do, God will remove judgment and bless our nation once again.

this message needs to be put on more radio stations across the country. We started on one station 4 years ago and today we are on more than 300 stations. We have been able to do this because of your help. Wold you help us today by calling 1-800-616-0082 and joining one of  our campaigns or making a donation?

Trouble Ahead from the United Nations

Under whose authority does our government operate? Does this authority trump our Constitution? Are we now subject to investigation under United Nations mandates and rules? What rights do we have? Do we have the right to speak to an attorney? Are we innocent until proven guilty? Where is this taking us?

These are all questions that we must ask. This is not a trivial subject, it affects us and future generations.

I am glad the World Net Daily covered this story, because the mainstream media has totally ignored it. We are bringing this to your attention because we believe that this is a critical part of their plan to silence all opposition. We have a First Amendment that gives us the right to redress our government. When there is a global police force that is not controlled by our Constitution we lose this, and other, rights.

Just a couple of weeks after the UN announced this global police force, our DOJ announced that it would be hiring people to head it up. They will be investigating what they call “lone wolf domestic terrorists” or extremists. We would think this means they would be investigating groups like, or affiliated with, ISIS. The FBI said that they have investigations against ISIS in all 50 states. Even though the Muslim population is only around 7 to 8 million in America, 95% of the FBI case load on terrorism is investigating Muslims. This includes refugees, those on student visas, and especially those with H1B work visas.

They said that these investigations will focus on those who do mass shootings, those who hold racist or bigoted or anti-government views. We have been called racists and bigoted because we hold to traditional values and to the rule of law based upon our Constitution so this includes us.

They try to lump those who hold these views with “Sovereign Citizens.” Just who is this group? They are individuals who believe they are sovereign, they are under no authority. They believe they don’t need driver’s licenses, they don’t need insurance, they don’t need to pay taxes. We believe in civil authority and government as long as that authority is subject to God. We believe in paying our taxes and other civil obligations.

The globalists believe we are the treat because we are anti-Islam. They define us as a hate group because we expose what Islam actually teaches and is.

Remember, this was announced at the UN and it is a global police force. The DOJ is being used as a tool to intimidate anyone who dares express an idea contrary to what the government wants.

If you know what happened in the 1930’s in Germany you will see the same pattern being played out again. Hitler federalized the police and brought them under his direct control. This is what we see happening in America under this administration. They are even going beyond this with a global police force. This means there will be no local control, no local accountability, and no redress of our grievances. The question is, who is running the show? Who will be giving the orders?

If our military won’t follow the orders to fire upon US citizens, no problem, they will have this global police force. Remember, Obama said he wanted a civilian force that is equal in power to our military and that will follow the orders.

The Bible tells us that the Antichrist will have a global command. He will rule as a dictator. For this to happen individual sovereign governments must be destroyed. This fits very well with Islam. Islam does not allow countries to choose who governs them. Islam dictates who governs everyone. They will be governed by a supreme commander, a religious commander, one who worships Allah and enforces Allah’s laws, the Shariah, upon them.

This will, of necessity, be against Christian values because Christian values give people liberty and the freedom to choose. Freedom is an enemy of Islam.

What is happening in the UN is very welcoming to Muslims. They believe that they can control America and the other western nations by controlling the UN. This is why these resolutions and this police force are supported by Muslims and the powerful OIC in the United Nations.

An interesting fact is that Saudi Arabia has given the UN the curtain from the door of the Kaaba. It is now hanging in the United Nations. This symbolizes the influence of Islam in the United Nations.

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