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Things You Should Know About Islam – Part 1

Let me also remind you that Muslims are victims of Islam. It is true that some do what they do because they are rebellious, but most of them do it because they are people of faith. They are doing what they think Allah has commanded them to do. They are doing what the Islamic scriptures and the teachings of their Prophet tell them to do.

Muslims need the Gospel. I can only talk to so many people but through this ministry I can help Christians learn how to reach Muslims for Christ. Many people tell me that they hated Muslims and wanted them out of our country before listening to our broadcasts. Many even wanted them all dead. They knew as a Christian that this was wrong. They say we have helped them understand that Islam is the problem and Muslims are victims that need to be rescued.

Some tell me that because of what they have learned from Fortress of Faith, they have been able to lead a Muslim to Christ. Somewhere between 70 and 80 Muslims have been reached for Christ by those who follow our ministry.

Our ministry is a ministry of warning, ut it is also a ministry of love. We love Muslims and don’t want them to spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire. Our hearts rejoice the most when we hear of a Muslim who gets saved.

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IslamHolyBookToday I want to cover a number of different things that I think you should know about Islam.

Muslim Population

The first thing we should know is that nearly one in four people in the world today is a Muslim. 1.7 billion people in the world pray to Allah as their god. To be technical, this works out to be 23% of the world’s population are Muslims.

At the end of WWI, that is about 100 years ago, the estimated Muslim population in the world was 300 million. In this relatively short time they have grown from 300 million to 1.7 billion. This is phenomenal growth. This growth does not come from evangelism, it is from having lots and lots of children.

We also need to know that a Muslim can have up to 4 wives at one time. They may divorce one or more of their wives and marry others in their place. The children that they have with these wives are by default Muslims because their father is a Muslim. This is true even if the wife is not a Muslim. The children are always the property of the father. This is why it is forbidden for a Muslim woman to have children by a non-Muslim. If she has a child by a non-Muslim she is not growing the nation of Islam. Shariah law says the if a woman does this she is to be killed.

According CAIR there are approximately 10 million Muslims in America today. This is a Muslim source and therefore may not be reliable. The FBI tells us that there are 7 million. Another source, the US census in 2010, said there were only 3 million Muslims. Do you believe that all of the Muslims told the census takers that they were Muslims? 3 million is far to low to be accurate. There are probably between 7 and 10 million Muslims here.

Birth Rates

The average America family will have 1.4 children. If this trend continues with any people group, that group will birth themselves out of existence. Despite the new laws on marriage, it still takes a male and a female to procreate. Just to maintain a population you need more than 2 children per family.

The Muslim family averages as high as 5 children per wife. Studies show a slowing of this birth rate among Muslims. Nevertheless, while our population is in decline, the Muslim population is growing.

Missions to Muslims

Since nearly one quarter of the world’s population is Muslim, don’t you think that one quarter of the Missionaries would be reaching Muslims? This is not even close to the truth. Studies tell us that less than 1% of all Christian missionaries, regardless of their denomination, are targeting Muslims.

This means that 99% of our missionaries are neglecting one quarter of our world. Of course, there are reasons for this. We can’t get into their countries. Muslim countries will not issue visas to Christians. A Christian cannot even get into Mecca.

Even if you were to get into a Muslim country and reach a Muslim for Christ, you would make that Muslim an apostate. Every Muslim knows that every apostate is to be killed. Not only would the apostate be subject to the death penalty, the one who led him to Christ would also be subject to the death penalty, or at least imprisonment and beating.

As I said earlier, there are as many as 10 million Muslims in America. Most of the Muslims who come to America, about 80%. come here to escape Islam. We have a wonderful opportunity to evangelize Muslims in our country.

The best time to do this is when they first arrive, before they get connected to the American Islamic community. The Muslim community may pull them back into Islam.

The reason most Muslims don’t renounce their Muslim faith when they come here is that, according to Islamic law, they would become apostates and could be killed. It is not likely that this type of killing would happen here in America. It has in the past, but it is rare.

Most Muslim who come to America don’t renounce their faith because they will be rejected by their families, but the don’t practice it. They still call themselves Muslims but they really don’t want to have anything to do with the religion.

We have a wonderful opportunity to reach Muslims here in our country. We are shirking our duty if we don’t take advantage of this responsibility.

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