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Things You Should Know About Islam – Part 3

IslamHolyBookThe Largest Muslim Populations Are Not In The Middle East

The largest Muslim population is in Indonesia. Pakistan is the second largest and the third is in India. Even though India is mostly Hindu, the number of Muslims living there puts it in third place.

Muslim Does Not Mean Arab

Egypt is the largest Arab country in the world. In Egypt there are 2 million Coptic Christians.

Not every Muslim is an Arab. Only about 15% of the world’s Muslims are Arabs. This means that most Muslims don’t speak Arabic. Even the Islamic country that is most in the news today, Iran, does not speak Arabic, it speaks Farsi.

The services in the mosques are conducted in Arabic. It is a lot like the old school in Catholicism where Latin was the language of the Mass. Many may think it sounds wonderful, but they don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Muslims will memorize certain prayers and parrot them, but they really don’t know what they are saying.

Most Muslims Are Illiterate

More than two thirds of the Muslims in the world can’t read or write. Islam tries to keep women ignorant. In Pakistan girls are forbidden to go to school. We have reported on the 11 year old girl who was shot by the Talliban in Pakistan for trying to bring awareness of the persecution of women and girls under Islam.

An educated Muslim woman is a threat to a Muslim man because she could become independent of her Muslim husband or father. Keeping the girls uneducated keeps them in the home, keeps them from going after jobs and careers, and allows them tho have lots of babies.

Where Are Muslims Found In America?

The states with the largest Muslim populations are, starting with the state with the most Muslims: Texas, New York, Illinois, California, Virginia. What about Michigan? We are told that Dearborn Michigan is the largest Muslim community in America. This is not true. More Muslims live in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago than in Detroit. Dearborn is a suburb of Detroit.

We are led to believe that Dearborn has the largest Muslim community because they are the oldest. As a result they are more entrenched and have taken over just about everything. Muslims hold almost every political office in the city. When you enter the area it is like going to a Muslim country. Many of the women dress like in Muslim countries, Arabic is on most of the signs, halal meat is sold in just about every restaurant, etc.

The Muslims that have taken over Dearborn are Arab Muslims. Because of this it has more of an Arabic feel.

Thirdly, the Muslims in Dearborn are brought into one community. In New York they are spread all throughout the city.

How did it get this way? Henry Ford, who was anti-semitic, found that the Arabic people were good workers. He brought them into this area because they were cheap labor.

Muhammad Was A Pedophile

Muhammad’s favorite wife, he had 13 or 14 plus countless concubines, was Aisha. When he married her he was about 53 and she was 6 years old. Muhammad didn’t consummate the marriage until she was 9 years old. In the Sunnah we have the story of how Aisha was playing on a swing and with her dolls when her mother came to prepare her for her wedding night.

Muhammad’s example is still followed within Islam. If you are going to be a good Muslim, you follow the example of the Prophet. There is no greater example within Islam than Muhammad. If he had sex with children, you have sex with children. If he killed unbelievers, you kill unbelievers.

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