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Thoughts From The Presidential Debate

QruanIt was my intention to continue with the subject from yesterday, but in light of last night’s Presidential debate I have decided to share some comments on the debate. Much of it was covered Islamic terrorism, the threat of ISIS and the threat of home-grown terrorists in our country. Everyone has an opinion and each of these politicians have an opinion on what the fix will be.

There was a mention about reforming Islam. I want to talk about what reforming Islam is all about. In Chapter 3 of my book “Refuting Islam” I talk about the reformers. To get to the origin of the Islamic reform movement we have to go back to the Ottoman Empire.

A couple of hundred years ago the Muslim world became tired of fighting and decided to live in peace for a while. This resulted in some passages of the Qur’an being rejected by the imams and a new school of theology began. They stopped teaching their people all of the teachings of Islam. Many Muslims grew up with the idea that Islam was a religion of peace. The reformers tried to change the idea of who Allah and Muhammad were.

Many Muslims are very ignorant concerning the teachings of the Qur’an. I like what one Somali Muslim, who is an educator in Europe, said. She came to the West and started seeing things that caused her to start studying the Qur’an and was horrified. She recanted Islam and made the following statement.

If Muslims would read the Qur’an more, more Muslims would leave Islam.

That is so true. In Islam you won’t find a better example Islam than Muhammad. He is the example Muslims are taught follow. He killed the unbelievers. He said that he was commanded by Allah to kill those who did not recognize Allah as god. He said he is the Prophet and Islam is the religion of truth. He told Muslims that Allah commanded them to wage war against the unbelievers.

There are Muslims who honestly believe, because they are ignorant of the true teachings of Islam, that Islam is a religion of peace. They have never really studied their scriptures, the Qur’an and the Hadith.

In America, about 80% of the Muslims are either non-practising or reformed. Another word often used for the reformed Muslims is “moderate.” Both of these groups are not really following their faith wholeheartedly. They may follow the rituals of Islam, but they are not following the real Islam as taught by their scriptures.

The reformers have a god of their own creation, not the true god of Islam as presented by Muhammad. It would be wonderful if all of Islam was following the reformed idea, but it is not.

The thinking goes something like this. Christianity had a reformation, and those who are militant must be brought to the reformer’s understanding of Islam. The Christian Reformation took those who had departed from the Scriptures back to the Scriptures. The Islamic Reformation is trying to take those who are following the Islamic scriptures way from them into a fantasy world where Islam ceases to be Islam.

The militants aren’t going there because they have the Islamic scriptures on their side. The militant Muslim is an educated Muslim. A reformed Muslim is a dreamer.

There are also the pragmatists. They think that if we can get the Muslims to believe as the reformers do then we will have peaceful Muslims. The pragmatists are trying to convince those who know what the Islamic scriptures really teach to live in this fantasy world.

Then there are politicians who don’t really understand anything about Islam. They have heard bits and pieces from the moderates because there are many of them in our country. They reason that this is what Muslims have told me that Islam is, and I know some peaceful Muslims who seem to love democracy and America, so Islam must be peaceful. They have been bamboozled and brought into this fantasy world. Sadly, while some understand this, many in the Republican Party don’t get it.

Let’s look at how to deal with the terrorism that is coming here. To start with, we need more clarity in our discussion on these subjects. In America we have the freedom of religion. The First Amendment restricts government from creating a national religion. Its purpose is to tie the government’s hands and keep it from interfering with the conscience of people and keep them from following their faith.

How do we find clarity to deal with the issue of Islam? How do you oppose it? The answers to these issues are not easy. Here is what I suggest. We need to bring some clarity to what should be legal and what should be illegal in the country. It should not be illegal for Muslims to say their prayers, build their mosques, or any other tenants of their religion that are religious.

We need to realize that Muhammad was not just building a religion, he was building a kingdom. With this kingdom came laws and governing principles.

Islam is a religion, and we have laws to allow you to practice your religion. However, they should not be allowed to bring in their government and their legal system in opposition to ours. What we oppose is the legal system of the Shariah. This is not protected by the First Amendment. In the Shariah handbook, the Reliance of the Traveller, the first 300 pages deal with the religious aspects of Islam. The next 424 pages deal with the government of Islam, which is opposed to our legal system and our values. This is what should be illegal.

Jihad is part of the governing system of Islam. It is part to the military system on how to fight those who are outside of Islam.

We need to help people understand the Islam is not Just a religion, it is also a system of government. All you have to do is look at Islamic countries and you will see that it is a dictatorship. It is very similar to what Hitler had developed in Germany. Islam allows no freedom of speech, religion, or even thinking. If you step outside of the Islamic system you die. Freedom is the enemy of Islam. Just knowing what Islam means makes this clear. Islam means submission or surrender.

We must have people who not only know the truth, they must have the courage to stand up and speak out about these issues. We need people who will speak up about it at the water cooler, at the dinner table, in the discussions at the workplace, in schools, at the park, or anywhere else.

We need clarity this issue. You will get it from this ministry, but you need something you can hold in your hand. That is why I wrote the book “Refuting Islam.” It is packed with evidence, and we quote the Shariah. The best way to refute something is to use their own words against them. This book not only does this. It also tells you how to form your arguments.

You can get the book by clicking on the red banner beside this article.

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