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ConvertedYouthToday I want to cover some news events from around the world. I want to start with big news out of Saudi Arabia. Last Saturday Saudi Arabia executed 47 people for terrorism. Most of them were Al Qaeda but the most important was a Shi’ite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nim. He was executed for his involvement in terrorism.

To understand the importance of this event we need to understand the division between the Sunni and the Shi’ite Muslims. It has to do with who is the proper successor to Muhammad. The Shi’ite Muslims believe that the caliph should be a blood relative of Muhammad and the Sunni believe that it is whoever Allah wills to be caliph. I believe that the Sunni are right in this dispute.

It is very clear that Muhammad relied on his best friend Abu Bakar, who was his first convert. When Muhammad died it seemed that he would be Muhammad’s successor. When he died, Umar became the new caliph, and he was followed by Uthman.

The Shi’ites were not happy about this because they thought that Ali should have been the caliph because he was both a son-in-law and a cousin of Muhammad. They assassinated Uthman to put Ali on the throne. A few years later the Sunni assassinated Ali and put a Sunni back on the throne.

The Sunni and the Shi’ites have been fighting over this for 1,400 years. This is one of the factors in the war in Syria and now Iran, which is Shi’ite, is threatening to attack Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni. We may see a war develop between these to Islamic nations.

There may be a silver lining in this. If these two nations attack one another it may mean a bit of peace for Israel. We will see how this develops.

Let’s look at something that happened here in America. Two hundred Muslims were fired from their jobs in Colorado. It seems that Muslims find their way into meat packing  plants because they want to develop halal meat. This is meat that has been processed according to Islamic dietary laws. One of the things that is needed is prayers to Allah. In a sense they are offering the meat to their god, Allah, as you would to an idol.

The Muslims in this meat packing plant were complaining about prayer times. The company had no problem with the Muslims praying on their break time, but they only allowed three at a time go on break because they can’t afford to have too many people walk off the line at the same time to go pray.

There was a group of eleven who said they wanted to take their break together. They revolted against the company because they were not allowed to do so and the next week 200 people refused to go to work for three days. The company fired them, and I say kudos to the company. If you want a job that pays $14.30 an hour plus a $5,000.00 bonus at the end of the year there is a job for you there since the Muslims won’t work.

Let’s look at the violence in Israel by the Muslims and the Arabs against the Jews. Friday a Muslim opened fire on Jews sitting in a side-walk café. Two were killed and two others were seriously wounded. There have been 24 car attacks and 9 shootings (plus the one this last Friday) and two bombings. Two of those killed were not even Israelis, one of them was an American. Since this recent round of violence in Israel started on October first until the end of the year 57 Jews have been stabbed and 21 have died.

As we would expect, the Israelis have responded and 91 Muslims were killed with another 46 wounded. You can see that the Arabs are not doing themselves any favours. Every time the Arabs rise up against the Jews, the Arabs lose more than the Jews. The Jews have the know-how and the military weapons and they strike back when attacked.

The difference is that the Arabs fire indiscriminatingly. They shoot and women and children and just try to kill as many Jews as they can. The Jews, on the other hand, try ti kill those who have first fired upon them. The Jews target  only those who are shooting at them, but there are civilians killed because the Arabs hide behind women and children.

Let’s look at last year in review.

  • January 7th – Charlie Hebdo was attacked, 8 were killed and 4 other Jews were killed in a Jewish supermarket.
  • February 4th – A Jordanian pilot was burned to death by ISIS.
  • February 15th – 21 Christians were slaughtered on the beach in Libya. Our President condemned the killing of Egyptians, but did not mention that they were Christians.
  • April 3rd. – 147 students at a Christian university in Kenya were killed.
  • May 3rd – in Garland, Texas ISIS sent 2 men to kill as many as they could, but instead they were on the receiving end of Texans with guns.
  • June 27th – 38 tourists were slaughtered on a beach in Tunisia.
  • July 16 – There was an attack in Chattanooga, TN where 4 of our military personnel were killed. Thank goodness there was a soldier who was carrying a concealed weapon or more might have been killed.
  • October 31st – A Russian jet liner was brought down by a bomb placed on the plane by ISIS. 217 passengers and 7 crew members lost their lives.
  • November 20th – The attack in Paris where 130 people lost their lives and 368 were injured, 99 of them critically.
  • December 2nd – 14 were killed and 22 injured in San Bernardino, CA. More would have been killed if the  pipe bombs they had set to kill the first responders had gone off. This was a breakdown in our security system because of the rules set down by the Obama administration.

These are only those attacks that made the headlines, but all of these attacks were by Muslims. President Obama’s answer to the problem of terrorist attacks in the US is to take guns away from law abiding citizens, This is in spite of the fact that at least 2 of these attacks would have been worse were it not that there were armed law abiding citizens there who used their guns to stop the jihadis.

This administration, the left in general, and some on the right, refuse to like these things to Islam. Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a religion dedicated to using violence to destroy our way of life. We need people with courage to speak the truth on this subject.

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