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Islamic Rape Doctrine – Part 1

IslamAndRapeBefore I get into today’s subject I want to announce that we are only about $2,000.00 short of being able to bring our Saturday broadcast to our home station in Bellingham, WA. We started on KARI about 5 years ago with our daily broadcast and about 2 years ago we started a weekly Saturday broadcast on AFR. AFR is not available in our home area so I am am happy that we should soon make our Saturday broadcast available to those in the Pacific Northwest. I thank all of you who have given so far. Let’s see if we can raise the rest of this so those of you who listen to KARI can start receiving all of our broadcasts.

The Islamic Rape Doctrine

On today’s broadcast we had Bill Warner as a special guest. He is the author of “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims” which is probably one of the most successful books on Sharia law. It is number one on Amazon for books on Islamic law.

I want to look at the doctrine of rape in Islam in light of what is happening in Europe. In Cologne Germany there were over 500 sexual assaults on New Years Eve. There have been many such reports throughout Europe since the Muslim refugee invasion. We are now finding out that because of multiculturalism, the governments have been covering up this type of assault.

Before we get into this subject we want to praise the Lord for the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini from Iran as well as the others who were released. We will look at this later, as well as some other issues if time permits.

Within Islam there is not only a desire to have sex with many women, there is also a legal right to assault non-Muslim women. To the Western mind it is incredible that there is a category in the doctrine of Islam on rape. Let me ask you, are you familiar with the rape doctrine in Christianity?

Most of this doctrine is found in the Sunna and Hadith, but it is also in the Qur’an. It falls under the category of “those whom your right hand possesses.” These are those taken in combat. When we think of combat, we think of massed armies, but let me assure you, jihad is incumbent upon every member of the Muslim community and can be practiced by one person.

If a Muslim is assaulting a kafr (non-Muslim) woman, he is committing an act of jihad. This doctrine was most clearly laid out when Muhammad attacked the Jews at Khaybar. Some of his men were not raping the women and Muhammad asked them why not. Their response was that the women’s husbands where “right over there.” Then Allah, who always provided everything that Muhammad needed, came forth with a revelation that upon capture the women were divorced. This automatically took care of the prohibition of having sex with another man’s wife. When you compare the “revelations” given to Muhammad with his desires, you will see that Allah conveniently gave him a new revelation whenever he needed one so he could do what he wanted.

The doctrine of Islamic rape allows Muslims to have sex slaves. Muhammad had sex salves and gave sex slaves as bonuses to his lieutenants.

If you want to know what Islamic law is you will find the best teachers in the Islamic State (ISIS). ISIS is 100% Islamic. They work hard to show that they are following the teachings of Islam. They point out that they have sex slaves because Muhammad did, and taught others to have them also.

We have two enemies we are facing. The first is political Islam. This is the far enemy. The most insidious and dangerous enemy is those who are apologists for Islam, including Angela Merkle and the mayor of Cologne. These are the most dangerous to our society. I understand groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, but my anger is against those who are apologists for Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood has the doctrine of Islam to stand on. The near enemy, the apologists, have only cowardice to stand on.

What ever happened to righteous anger in America? It is almost completely gone. This is why I keep saying we not only must know the truth, we must have the courage to stand up and fight for it. Many have figured out that there is something wrong, but few have the courage to stand up and defend that which is right.

We don’t really have to deal with the far enemy, we need to deal with the near enemy, the school superintendent, the Methodist minister, the Rabi who supports the refugee program. The widest door open to our enemy is the door of the synagogue and the church. We need to oppose those who are among us and are not Muslims, but defend them at every turn.

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