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5 Years of Broadcasting

5thanniversaryToday Fortress of Faith is celebrating 5 years of broadcasting. This means that we have produced 1,300 broadcasts. We started on one station, KARI, in Blaine, WA and now we have grown to more than 300 stations nation wide.

I don’t have a background in broadcasting and have had to learn as we went through the whole growing process. We didn’t really have a plan and it has been interesting to watch how the Lord has worked everything out.

I want to take the time to look at how things got started and how we grew. Some of you are new and we want to give you our story. I also want to look at what we have planed for the future.

Some of you have been listening since day 1. It thrills my heart to hear from you and to know that you are still listening. It is a real challenge to keep coming up with new material so we can all keep growing in our knowledge of the subject of Islam. It requires a tremendous amount of research and study to keep up with things. I think I have packed more into my brain in the last 5 years than in the 10 years before. Although it is a lot of work, I feel that I owe it to those who follow this ministry.

I was raised on the mission field and that is where my story begins. My father and mother were church planting missionaries in the United Kingdom. I was 6 years old when we moved to England. I grew up in the school system there. I had a British accent and one day I will play for your from when I had it. I lost the accent when I came to Bible College in the US and it never came back, even when I returned to England as a missionary myself.

I married a godly lady and we have two children. After Bible College we returned to England and spent 17 years as missionaries. While we were there we were involved in church planting and started a Bible college and a youth camp. We were throughly enjoying what God was doing on the mission field. I really thought that I would be buried there.

When we came home on furlough in 2008 we sensed a change in our hearts. We felt that God was orchestrating an change. It was quite a surprise, and it was very difficult to accept that we would not be going back to the mission field. There were a number of things that God used to bring this about.

I really missed the ministry in England, but there was a burning in my heart to warn my home country of the danger of judgment that was coming at the hands of Islam. I had seen how they had worked in England, how they had cunningly worked to overtake Europe. I saw the same thing happening here in America. I knew that I had to warn America about the coming judgment. I still feel the same today.

You cannot rebel against God and expect Him to continue to bless you. Europe turned its back on God after the two world wars and God opened the door for their judgment and destruction.

We must understand God’s purpose in bringing judgment upon nations. He brings judgment to cause them to repent and turn back to Him. I don’t know if Europe ever will. As you can see in the news, Islam is getting stronger and stronger in Europe.

The event that really brought the importance of warning America to me was when Sharia Law became part of the British legal code. Before this I didn’t really understand the Islamic agenda, but this was like turning on the lights and it made sense. I began doing my research and started bringing this to the pulpits of churches where I preached.

Friends started encouraging me to taking this message to the radio. As I said before, we started on a small station in Blaine, WA (KARI) and 5 years later we are on more than 300 stations across the nation and growing.

It has been an interesting journey. There has been a lot of sacrifice for my family as we have built this ministry. In the beginning the funds were very limited and radio broadcasting is very expensive. Most of what came in went right out again to pay for the broadcasting so we had to do other things to keep thing going so we could continue in this ministry.

We have reached a point where we are needing to bring in some more team players. For the past 5 years it has been myself, my wife, my daughter, and my father-in-law who have carried the lions portion of the work that is necessary to do the things we do. We need to expand.

We want to develop an new aspect in our ministry. We want to develop a mission to Muslims in the near future. We have been talking about and planning this for a couple of years.We need to move my office out of one of my bedrooms. This will be happening this year. I am praying that God will bring me the right man to help in this new part of our ministry. Pray with us that God will send us someone who has a background in missions to Muslims. 

It is our desire to build a network of missions to Muslims throughout the US and Canada. There are 13 to 15 major cities in North America where we would like to plant a ministry geared solely to evangelizing Muslims. Once they are save we want to disciple them and get them into the local churches where they can grow. We not just want them to be converted, we want them to grow to the point where they can reach other Muslims. This is the third part of the Great Commission where we are told to teach them to observe all things our Lord has taught us.

On the radio we educate the saints to resist Islam and to refute its teachings. We are also changing hearts. Muslims are one of the groups that Christians love to hate. The hate is there because we are afraid, we don’t know how to approach Muslims with the Gospel. We are also afraid because of the threat of harm to us and our families.

Muslims and their supporters say we are islomophobic, as if we didn’t have a reason to be afraid. Haven’t they been watching what is going on around the world? Don’t they know the history of Islam? There is a reason to fear Islam. There is also reason to fear for our nation and the possibility of losing what we have.

It is important that we bring the Gospel to Muslims. It thrills my heart when I hear from my listeners that they get it. It is not the Muslims who are the enemy, Islam is the enemy. Muslims are victims of Islam and they need Christ.

Another major change that is coming up is a revamping of our website. It will be easier to navigate and find the answers to your questions. We will have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAE) section with a summary of the answer and links where you can get more information. This is taking a lot of time and work, but I think it will make your experience better.

We will have a members only section that will give our regular supporters access to more in depth information.

We are also working on a new Sunday School course. It will be a 6 week course that can be taught at your church by the regular Sunday School teachers.

We have more books and DVDs in the works also.

We want to thank our supporters for these great 5 years. Let’s trust God for another great 5 years as we grow together.

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